Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I recieved this sweet award from SOULBRUSH today, and what a surprise after working hard all day! It is so sweet with the dog (I love dogs)...and I would like to pass it on to any of you listed in my are all deserving and instead of listing individual names, I wish anyone who would like it, to take it! Now that is fun! If you want to see all my awards (only cause they are so colorful and cute...LOL)...they are at the bottom of my sidebar....not because I want them way down there, but because it is the only place I can store them, because I feel I NEED my other sidebar items, and it is very convenient to have them closer at hand! Thanks to Soulbrush, and everyone else who has ever given me an award...I am honored. I had said one time, way back...that they would make such a cute collection...and it has become a reality! COOL! I wonder how much room gives us for sidebar space... hmmmmm.....


soulbrush said...

yahoo, enjoy!

Serena said...

OH, that's a nice award and well deserved, Julie! Thanks for passing it on....much appreciated ~ :)

marianne said...

Isn´t it a cute award!!
Happy Halloween Julie!

Stapeliad said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for the nice comment! And congrats on your sketchbook- once you get started in it and start decorating and filling it, that book will be your best friend!

A 4H pencil won't give you a dark line. H pencils are hard and B pencils are soft. The higher the number the softer/harded the lead is.

A 2B artist pencil is probably best for all-purpose drawing because you can get a good range of values, but I prefer HB (my fave!) or sometimes even 2H (if I am painting watercolor over it) because I tend to be heavy-handed. (Too dark too fast makes it difficult to correct and messes up the paper)

You can certainly use a combo of different pencils which is helpful.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!