Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Country Woman Days, and death of a succulent!

Since returning from my trip, I have started Country Woman Days- 1 week of cooking fall foods, cooking and cleaning...and basically having a lot of fun with the idea. It is always fun to trick myself into doing a little work! LOL. Naturally, having this week off, I would rather not do much of anything...but this way, I am actually enjoying it!

Last night, I made a pot of pinto beans, Mom made her famous corn bread, and collard greens! We make this dinner about once a month anyway, but it is so delish we cannot resist it!

Tonight will be making something called Ham and Potato Casserole. It is very fattening, so I will eat a little of it, with collard greens on the side! I found the recipe in this small little publication by Taste of Home, called Halloween Food and Fun! I will be making a few things from it during this week. Pumpkin bread at some point, and I am actively searching for a dense, moist apple cake recipe. So far, I have asked 2 people, and no recipe yet!!! My one friend in Gainesville, Florida, who I would consider the MOST country-ish of women, did not really have an apple cake recipe either!!! If anyone knows of a good one...let me know!!!

I had a succulent death while I was gone, coincidently. My Pleiospilos bolusii. It had been relatively happy out in full sun, but when my sprinklers hit it, it didn't do as well, so I brought it to the screenroom...but it has now gone south. Oh, man, this can be rough! I will have to have a proper burial for it today! LOL. It was so pretty...maybe I will get another and just put it back in the tires...or at least in fuller sun. It is so sad when a plant dies.

Speaking of that, I counted all my succulents (without the Pleio) and I have a collection of 54 plants. Someone had asked me how many I had. I only counted per species...some I have more than one. I was kinda surprised I had that many, actually. They just all sort of grew on me...snuck up I guess you would say!

Speaking of that, I have terrible luck with Strings of Bananas. I think when I completely kill the two that I have off, that will be it. No more!

Happy fall days to all of you!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy fall to you too. 54 plants, WOW.

Tootsie said...

you and I are cut from the same mold! did I spell that right? lol
I have a virtutal jungle going on here...sorry about the death...give my respects! lol
have a great week girlie

soulbrush said...

sorry about the lost, as a holiday, you are brave...54 is a good collection, as i have only one- senita!
btw how is emily doing? any new photos?

Teri C said...

Sounds like a good week for you. Since I don't like to cook I can't relate, but if you find some good recipes, please post them :)

Claude said...

I once counted to 100 then I quit. But 54 is a good start! Just think of it as producing oxygen and doing your little bit to prevent global warming.

There are some plants that I can't grow either... for some reason, they just don't like me. So I let them stay in the store and hope they find someone to take care of them.

Aiyana said...

Your blog reminds me of the Forrest Gump line about a box of chocolates. I never know what I'm going to get when I visit! You must change your header photo every day! Is today's photo those flat marbles for top dressing?

I never have had any luck with Mesembs, and also have never kept the asteraceae senecio radicans alive more than a season. It is supposed to be a low care succulent, but it's picky as hell. I bought my last one about three years ago. I've also given up on Mesembs. My little Mesemb grouping bit the dust in late August, so that's the end of my trying with them. I guess I'm a slow learner because it takes me 5 tries before I'm hit with a blinding flash of the obvious.

Julie said...

Aiyana- yes...I thought the marbles looked like that! I found this banner on one of those free blog banner is a lot of fun!

I was going to ask you how your "living rock" collection was going, and now I know. I'm sorry!
I actuially kept this little guy going about 2 years at least...I guess I should just be happy with that!

Serena said...

54 species is a pretty impressive collection, Julie!

I love vegetables but what are 'collard greens'? I googled it and, apparently, they belong to the 'Brassica' family. I'm told that Bok Choy would make a good substitute?

Stapeliad said...

LMAO wow you actually counted!