Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good Saturday morning!

Over the past few nights as I was going to bed, I have been drawing a few little ATC sized pictures in my sketchbook. I really have nothing to post today, so thought I would take a pic of these little babies! They are just cute, I think, in this miniature size...that is why I like ATC's so much...everything must be done S-M-A-L-L. These are all 2.5 x 3.5 inches. My fav is the butterfly, and they are all done freehand using a ZIG micron black permanent ink pen, and then some colored pencil. The one that has no color was done by starting and finishing without taking my pen off the paper, which is a really fun thing to do. I took one college drawing class...oh, say about 100 years ago...and we went to an art gallery for our classes. This was one technique they taught us, and I never forgot it...although I have forgotten any specifics about it. I will do a little research this morning and see if I can find anything about it on the web.

Here are a few close-ups of the little spooky tree I made using a fallen seed pod thingy from a palm tree. It is a dark brown, so I left it that color, and wrapped a few branches with black, purple or orange metallic pipe cleaners...and hanging a few little tiny Halloween ornaments on it. I am the epitome of lazyness that I refuse to get up and re-take that last pic, since it is so blurry! OK, yes, I am being a lazy butt, but my dog woke me up at 2:30am. Of course, now it is 3:40am, and she is sound asleep curled up next to me now! EERRRRRRR.

I hope everyone has nice plans for this weekend. I plan on washing windows and screens! Ooh-la-la! FUN!
Maybe I will take a few pics of some succulents today and post them, after the sun comes up! My cousin is going to send me a pic of an aeonium I potted for her a few years ago, and she says it has grown very TALL. I can't wait to see it, and will see if she minds me posting the pic. I want to get her interested in blogging also, since she now has a digital camera and DSL. Happy Saturday everyone!


soulbrush said...

i agree - keeping up with blogging comments does take a lot of time, but that's one thing i have a lot of right now. thanks for always stopping by for a visit, have a good w end.hugs.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sorry to hear that your pooch got you up so early Julie. That is so aggravating. You have quite a job ahead of you if you are going to wash windows.

I love the ATC. I am always surprised to see so much detail on such a small sketch. I haven't done any of them yet but I might try. I like your butterfly but since it tis the season I do like the jack o'lantern too. Actually I like them all. The bird looks like a Black and white warbler and I like owls most any way drawn.

I have heard of the method of drawing without lifting your pen but have never done that before. I took a drawing class once and we drew without looking. That is also a challenge.

Julie said...

Lisa- my daughter is taking a drawing class at college right now and they also did the technique of not looking. That would not be for me!!! LOL :)

Teri C said...

Julie, these are wonderful!