Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your favorite color!

I was looking up the meaning, and just general info about my favorite color, ORANGE. I came across this WEBSITE that lets you pick your favorite color from the sidebar to learn more about it. I liked everything it said about ORANGE! Give it a try, if you like!!!


Teri C said...

I know you must have loved my sketch from yesterday :)

Thanks for website, yellow is my color and they only had nice things to say. No wonder I like it.

marianne said...

Nice post and I have been on that site before, it is great!
I did a post on orange a while ago± maybe you will learn more things about your color........
And yes Teri´s post is so gorgeous orange!
Greetings! >M<

soulbrush said...

haven't been around for days, feeling sorta introspective...i will check it out and see what it says about red!