Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm ready to quit country living!!!

This is hard work! I have not sat down all day except to fall flat out asleep on the couch mid-day and nearly miss my kitty's trip to the vet! We got there, and my Baby Cat has all of his up to date requirements. No problems found...just a perfect Baby!
Ever onward...I thought I should do a little handwork during my Country Woman Days! I found an oldtimey peice I had already started a few years is a techique of embroidery called Chicken Scratch...women used to do it on their aprons, and chances are, you have probably seen this on some at the antique shops or at Ebay or I think it is quite cute and I make this heart pattern, and incororate it into whatever I am making...a pillow most generally. I worked on this heart a little more today, and in this pic only about half of the little circle parts are done. I made a pillow for my SIL about 5 years ago and it was adorable. I wish I had taken a picture. I am thinking of what shall become of this particular heart...we shall see!

And a close-up! Don't look too close and see my mistakes! LOL

I've done 2 loads of laundry every day! This is dog work!

As a good country wife, I mended a shirt for my hubby. This was a 5 second job, but by the time I pull out my sewing machine, dust it off, plug it in, thread it, and wind a bobbin in the right color, it takes more like 30 minutes! LOL.

Now here is the Apple Dapple Cake I posted the recipe for yesterday! It turned out fairly well...very moist...full of fresh chopped apples...but it calls for WAY TOO MUCH OIL! I recommend replacing half that oil with applesauce, and you will have yourself a delicious, moist, yummy cake! It made a 9 x 13 pan full, so I haved shared it with friends and family! That brown stuff on top that you see, is a caramel topping you make and it really adds a lot to the whole cake!

And here you can see Doozey modelling her new daisy halter! She is a cutie in it!

And look what came in the mail today! My last copy of Cactus and Succulent Journal, and To The Point. Time to renew. I wanted you to see what was on the front cover...a Lophaphora Williamsii, or Peyote Cactus! I just love the way they look...sort of like lumps. They are weird and strange, and I guess that is why I like them...and no, I haven't been smoking anything!!! LOL.

So, now, I am worn out from my County Woman Days and I really want to quit, but I think I will just take it a little easier. But tomorrow I need to wash windows and screens! Hey...I may be saved...I hear it is supposed to be solid thunderstorms the rest of the week! Yee-Haw!!!


Tootsie said...

I think you deserve a break! relax and eat cake!

Claude said...

Green acres is the place for me!
Farm livin' is the life for me!
Land stretchin' out so far and wide...
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside!

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Julie said...

Claude- New York is where I'd rather stay!
I get allergic smelling hay-
I just adore a penthouse view...
Darling I love you, but give me Park Avenue!

LOLOL!!! That's about how I feel...and to think I brought it all upon myself! LOL.

Teri C said...

Dear country Woman, you are working way too hard, just like an old-fashioned country woman. But don'tyou feel good!

This is an adorable post. I loved it!

Julie said...

Teri- NO...I really feel all tore down! About to go to bed now...but also battling allergies am really tired dealing with that too!

carolie said...

that would make a really cute pillow! haha and that cake looks yummy especially the caramel! now get some rest lady! haha

Aiyana said...

I think you've proved your point. Take a rest. No sense in getting worn down. I wouldn't do that for anything. I never was much of a cook or housewife--always a career woman--and although I've been retired over 5 years, I still have a housecleaning crew come every two weeks. Good habits are hard to break!

Pokeberry Mary said...

Wow Julie--Are you norwegian? My hubby's gramma did chicken scratch! What a coincidence. His mom has all her old aprons. I met some ladies up in Fargo who knew what it was too--but they were mainly very old women. I'm not sure if its a norwegian embroidery or just one done mainly by immigrant women in the midwest about 80 years ago. Didn't know anyone still did it! How interesting! And it looks fine by the way. ;)

Ashraf shreif said...

mmm Cake
ohhhhh.Cactus and Succulent Journal
you are lucky,form cactus and succulent society of america

thank you julie

My LIttle Family: said...

Hey Julie. Did you dream about living in a secluded cabin last night? Love the needlework - red & white is very popular. What kind of sewing machine is that? It is quite different than anything I've ever seen. The cake looks scrumptuous and I just might have to make it sometime when I get my taste back (cold). Doozy looks so tiny i those photos. How much does she weight?


Julie said...

Vickie- No I didn't!!! Sadly! My sewing machine is a portable machine more in the crafting line, made by Euro Pro. I ordered it out of a Womans Day magazine, from a section that offers all kinds of special offers...I liked the portability and all metal parts. I don't sew very often, so it was perfect for me. The case has built in little bins and spool holders too!
Oh...and Doozey is a big girl for a chi...she is 8 pounds!

Julie said...

Mary- no I am not Norwegian!!! LOL...I am not sure how I originally came into contact with this form of was 20years ago or so!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Your Doggie looks adorable in that "vest"! Very Very Sweet! Wonderful picture on The Cactus and Succulent Journal!

soulbrush said...

this is a hilarious post. why? because you will need to go back to work for a doozie has loved having you at home this week. and i adore your two horned owl...he is very handsome!

marianne said...

Oh Julie what a cutie Doozey is with her daisy halter! I love it! The blackstrap, where is that for= Can you lift her by that= It would make her the perfect chihuahua handbag..........
The yummy things look great! but we have to loose weight here unfortunately!
Have a nice day and a hug for Doozey!

Julie said...

Marianne- the black strap on Doozeys harness is for use with a doggy seatbelt/restraint device in the car...something I do not have...but then again she is rarely in the car with me. That may change if we decide to do some treasure hunts here! (
She can be my little treasure hunting doggy!!!

Serena said...

OH, that embroidery is so pretty, would look lovely on a pillow or apron.

Well....I felt all worn out just reading your post...sit down and take a breather, dear girl. Have some of that scrumptious cake while you're at it.

Doozie is soooo almost looks like she has a carry handle on her back.