Sunday, November 2, 2008

My pencil box!

My blogger pal, Stapeliad showed her pencil box and everything that is in it! She has what a true artist would have in a pencilbox! BUT...check it pencil box has nothing in it but a lot of regular old pencils and pens! I took a pic of it next to my carousel that holds all my newer items, like colored pencils, sharpies, regular pencils, glue sticks, scissors, ruler, and a new set of small milky pens...oh, and a handful of erasers too! I also have in between these two a container I painted in my tole class, which holds all my watercolor pencils!

So that is my pencil box. What is in your pencil box???

My newest pencil...a 4H drawing pencil. It is my first drawing pencil EVER! My daughter helped me pick it out. I want to see how different it will be from a regular #2.

I haven't posted in a while. Had a very busy week last week at work, and this weekend I have just been living life with a busy schedule that has included taking my Mom to vote, lunch with family on Saturday, returning books to the library, shopping for materials and trims to make some doll clothes for my daughters ball jointed dolls, and then ACTUALLY making some. I made her a cute pink skirt with little white hearts all over it, and a white tee shirt with a cupcake on front! It is very cute, and is all finished except I need to fix the neckline of the shirt and put the cupcake on before I dare to show it. It was my first time sewing something from internet instructions and not having an actual pattern! I am a pattern girl!
I had lunch today with my daughter at Subway, where we had a kids meal, with cut up apples, and small little sub, and a drink, which was perfect size! OH...we also watched the movie "The Bucket List" with Jack Nicholson and Morgan was an excellent movie and I highly recommend it!


Cindy said...

4H is too hard for me. I find that it doesn't lay down a lot of lead on the paper, so I tend to want to press harder, which makes the lead scratch into the surface of the paper, which, in turn, makes it harder to erase.

HB is the equivalent of a #2 pencil. From there, anything in the H's is harder, and anything in the B's is softer. See this old post on my art blog for my pencil study.

In any case, have fun drawing, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make.

soulbrush said...

missed you! the bucket list is a fabulous film, needed a lot of kleenex for that one. awwwww look at emily now, she is grwoing so fast, and yet i think boys are the cutest! go donovan go! senita is ball of thorns (i mean nerves) for the weddding tomorrow. poor thing!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think it most interesting to see artists work places and the items they use.

It is good to hear that you were creating this week and doing worth while errands since you weren't posting.

I will look forward to seeing the clothes you made when you feel they are presentable. I love those artsy dolls all done up.

Teri C said...

OMG, that little Raggedy Ann is so adorable!!!

My pencil box is boxes. Colored pencils, sharpies, charcoal set, graphite pencils, watercolor pencils. A set of different # pencils (you will find your 4H is quite light). And my pencil boxes are in various locations depending on what I am doing. These are the kind of things that make packing for AZ so difficult.

Now we get to see WHAT you do with those pencils :) Right after you are done sewing.

Stapeliad said...

I am loving the carousel!!! You have a lot of very fun things to draw with. Those double ended colored pencils are cool. I also love watercolor pencils!