Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Cactus Monday and some Love!

Well, since I am not really and artist, and had no available subjects to photograph this week, and did a little manipulation to an already existing photo! It looked much more colorful before I uploaded it to Blogger! Oh well. Hope ya'll have a terrific Cactus Monday!

Last night I started trying to do a zentangle...(trying is the key word here)...and I saw a heart in the middle, so came up with this idea to shade it in. I wasn't going to publish it, but after visiting our art museum, the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, and seeing some of the artwork there, I little thingy I made last night isn't SOOO I decided to share it with the world. Hope you like my little Lovetangle!!!

Have a good start today for the upcoming week! Be careful, stay safe, and don't do anything too crazy! LOL.


Cindy said...

*whacking you (gently) upside the head!*...Will you please stop saying you aren't an artist? You have a very creative spirit, and find inspiration in so many things. And you actually make things, and take pleasure in making them. If that isn't what an artist is, then maybe you're a plumber, but I think you're an artist.

Ahem... OK, now that I got that off my have just taught me a new word: zentangle. I have never heard that word, but apparently I have doodled them before. And I put "zentangle" into the search field on Flickr, and found many other examples of this art form. Very cool.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Cactus Monday. I think you are very artistic. I love your zentangle. Be careful making them is addictive.

Tootsie said...

have a great week friend...I hope you are doing well. I think of you all the time when I walk past the succulent section in Wal-mart or
do your ears ring? I have been telling people about your collection

Tootsie said...

oh yea....forgot to add....Donovan and Emily are beautiful!
as are Shelby and Georgia are very blessed

Margaret Ann said...

WoWZA...I love your cactus piece...really graphic and very textural too...Niiiice!

Glad to see you getting into zentangles...they are so good for what ails us aren't they! Lol :)

Happy Cactus Monday Fellow Cacuteer! :)

Aiyana said...

You beat me to posting Photoshopped photos. I did a few last week to post when I ran out of things to say! I really like your alteration. Did you use the posterize feature?
Nice zentangle. I can't do one for the life of me. Did you use the kit or is it freehand?

Julie said...

Cindy- OWWWW, my head hurts now!!! LOL. You should consider joining Cactus Monday! It is a great group of artists and photographers...I have a list of all of them on my sidebar if you want to check them out! Some of the zentangles are so detailed...I wish I could figure out how to do better. I guess maybe I could be called a kinda-sorta-creative person. LOL.

Lisa- Thanks!!!

Tootsie- Awe...thanks! I really am blessed! XXXOOO

Margaret- You are TOO kind, girl!!! Thanks!

Aiyana- the free online program I use is called FotoFlexor, and I used the "cartoon" effect. You can upload any picture, and do all sorts of things with it very easily (user friendly), the only thing is when you are ready to move it you have to "print screen" and extract the photo out and then save again. It won't let you just put the photo somewhere...but it is easy enough to do it, and a great program. I only have Photoshop on my big computer, so when I am on the laptop, I use FotoFlexor!

soulbrush said...

i agree with cindy, these are both so arty...more please more now! and cindy come and join us too.
hcm dear julie cactuteer and who is shelby and little georgia ann....your daughter and her baby? they are sooooo lovely, awww look at that little girl's face....wanna kiss it.

Sally said...

Julie, thank you so much for visiting my new blog and leaving a comment. Sweet of you.
You have one heck of a good blog here and I shall be back many times.
Can you get a photo of thise green parrots to me, I might know what they are.
Also, thank you for adding me to your blog list, will do the same for you. Love Sally.

Flying Colors said...

Cactus' I find are great for effects and manipulation due to their defined and interesting shapes. You have done a fine job here and very in tune with holiday season coming up.

Your grand children are wonderful, such beautiful and bright spirits.

Never heard of a Zentangle, will have to Goggle it.
But I love what you did and can see more :)

marianne said...

Hi Julie!
These two pieces are art to me!
And lovely!
Happy cactus monday dear Julie!

Teri C said...

Julie, repeat after me, "I am artistic and creative"! That cactus mirage is just great and so is your lovetangle! (love that new word) Lot of zentangling going around and it really is addictive. :)

studio lolo said...

Great post Julie! I like the manipulation of the cactus! I have a little Moleskine type sketchbook that I fill with zentangles. They really, really are addictive! I love the love one here :)

Claude said...

I like the pic... I recognise the hawthoria and the euphorbia, but the other two plants are beyong me... and those are called zentangles... nice to know that those crazy doodles I've been doing since 3rd grade have a name!

Stapeliad said...

I DO love your lovetangle!

Actually "lovetangle" could definitely be interpreted in other ways... LOL!!!!!

Serena said...

I love your LOVETANGLE....I was thinking like Jessica...hehehehe

It's official, girl, you ARE an artist so it's time to just smile and accept the title. YAY! :)

I also love how you manipulated the cactus pic....very effective.

serena :)