Saturday, November 8, 2008

A bug and blooms!

Well, I walked into this little cutie bug on my kitchen sink last night. Sorry it is blurry...I still have a sucky camera! I am unable to ID it so far. I looked through BUG GUIDE and found so many black and white bugs, but not this one! I am moved to do another post one day about modern looking fashionable bugs! You have to see it to believe it!

And here is a Saturday (today) blooming stroll through my yard...I love these little pewter colored berries on my lantana!

The porterweed.

I don't think I've ever known what this is, but it is so beautiful and grows wild in my back yard...a close up and far away view for you!

One of the thai plants...they are so pretty against the yellow house!

And a few shots of the Gloriosa lilies that are growing wild in my back yard too! It really is a jungle back there! They are spreading all inside a mass of a green invasive ground cover and ferns.

I see my little jelly belly succulents are turning more red in color due to the more intense light of fall/winter (I suppose that is it)!

Sorry for this blurry shot of the top of a Mexican Sunflower bush that is about 15 ft. tall. This one belong to my neighbor, but grows over my fence. I have 5 of these bushes on the other side of my yard as well.

The jasmine is all fully blooming right now, all over the chain link fence on one side of my house. I see it out the kitchen window and it looks like snow to me! (A fun fantasy)!

A couple of Morning Glory shots!


And last, but not least...white lantana by my front door!

And that's all, folks!!


Cindy said...

*skidding to a stop on your doorstep*...I got here as soon as I saw "bug" in your post title!

It looks like a snout beetle. There's about a bazillion different kinds of these, so it might be a challenge to narrow it down to the exact species.

Stapeliad said...

Julie those pewter colored berries are seriously some of the coolest plant-things I've ever seen.

You absolutely crack me up- thanks for all those nice comments on the stapeliad sketch. :) :) :)


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Lots of great photos. You have a good eye. Blogs tune us into the world around us: both the ones we read and the blogs we write.

Julie said...

Hello Robert! Thanks for your comment!

Jessica- I love your Stapeliad picture!!!!!

Cindy- when I saw that bug in my kitchen I got so excited because I knew you would get to see it!!! Thanks for the info on him. Snout beetle isn't such a glamorous name, now, is it??? Oh well...I will do some research on them anyway! Thanks!

My LIttle Family: said...

Julie - there is an amaizing photo on a friend's blog that you've got to see. Under FRIENDS it is Saltonstall abd the post is fron today, enlarge the second photo. It is unbelievable. Vickie

marianne said...

Oh Julie how blessed you are to be surrounded by all this beauty!
Here everything is one big mess in the garden, no color left and everything is disappearing....
Thanks for this walk in your garden. You must live in a wonderful place!
The jamine is wonderful! It grew in the garden of the hotel in Johannesburg and it spreads such a delicious smell around! Love it!
The mexican sunflower I have used in one of my mandalas and the gloriosa and lantana only grow in pots here in the summer.
Wow what wealth!
HAve a nice sunday!
hug >M<

walk2write said...

Interesting pics as always, Julie! Your blog will be one of the first ones I turn to when the snow fantasies become real here in Illinois very soon. Brrr! It's already getting cold.

soulbrush said...

you've been tagged....

soulbrush said...

mmmm bugs are not my thing...but love your thai plant.
you've been tagged.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of your flowers are beautiful but I just love the smell of Jasmine. If it was blooming in my garen I would have a difficult time making myself come inside. The scent would keep me outside with it.

Teri C said...

That bug really has a fascinatig design he carries with him

And your garden is awesome! The colors are glorious, esp. the thai plant. wowzers. Looks like spring there.