Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm a "Love Puppy"???

My Mommy calls me a Love Puppy...she dressed me in this silly tee-shirt this morning and said it was because it was "chilly". I wonder what that means??? I feel cozy.
I remember this tee shirt from last year when it got "chilly", when a friend of hers sent it to me all the way from England. I think that is somewhere far away. She was nice to send it to me, and I'm not sure I like it all that well...but my Mommy is always holding me and kissing me when I wear it, so I guess it's OK.
Lots of love to everyone...DOOZEY


Tootsie said...

hi Doozey....tell your mommy she is a silly girl! lol
Love the shirt...and have a great weekend

Stapeliad said...

You are super cute and don't tell my cat I said this but you are just as pretty as she is!

love and puppy kisses,

Teri C said...

Hey cutie Doozey, I think you must know Snuffles over there in England!! You both are having fun today.

marianne said...

Hi Doozey I just love little dogs dressed up and yes chihuahua´s are perfect for that........
I once had a passenger on board she had a little chiihuahua on her lap (was taken out of her bag, nowadays this is unnthinkable as people are getting more hysterical by all the things they think of to which they are allergic.....)
Anyway the little doggie wore a (real) gold necklace with all kinds of cute little pendants. She looked like a little princess!
I will never forget that.
Doozey here is a big WARM hug to you!

carolie said...

awww! doozey is soo cute! i love dressing my animals up in clothes... but most of my friends hate it haha!

soulbrush said...

hi doozey
wish mama and papa would get me one of these, it's chilly these days, and i'm not getting any younger. you looks super duper.
love your penfriend

Serena said...

How sweet you are, Doozey! :)

Quite a timely post, Julie, 'cos I am having a giveaway on my blog which kinda matches in with the love heart on Doozey's t-shirt. If you are interested in my giveaway, in honour of today's Soul Coaching lesson, visit this blog post and leave a comment -

love to you and Doozey!

Claude said...

hey doozey, lend me that shirt... it dropped to 33 degrees here last night. I'm used to 100, I don't deal well with that...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Doozey you are a love puppy. I can see it in your eyes. You are very cute in your tshirt.

Pudgeduck said...

I want your little DOG!