Friday, November 14, 2008

Darjeeling tea

I'm sorry it has been a while since I posted! I haven't had much to say or show this week. Funny how you get into a blogging slump. I have come on to read everyone elses blogs though, which is very enjoyable in the evening after a long day at work! Today is Friday and I am so happy. This has been a tiring week, and each day I have to convince myself to go. Not that I don't enjoy my work, but that I would rather stay home with my Doozey! LOL. This dog has stolen my heart for sure!

I have discovered something that I am embarrased about! I did not realize that there is a Darjeeling, India! I knew my favorite tea was grown in India, but discovered on the box, a map with Darjeeling on it!!! LOL. Boy do I feel stupid!

I never was a geography whiz.

Now I must go learn all I can about this magical tea place!!! If you haven't tried Darjeeling tea...give it a try. It is very mild and smooth! Twinings describes it as a light golden black tea from the foothills of the Himalayas which has a delicate and unique character that is likened to the Muscatel grape. I like it with a little Splenda.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. The husband and I are taking a little trip on Saturday to look at possibilities for a town to retire to! Should be fun!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love Daarjeeling tea. I have never had any of Twinings offerings.

Have fun looking for a retirement spot.

Pokeberry Mary said...

Mmmm.. I love relaxing with tea! I got a nice little book about tea at the library book sale for 50 cents or something. I think it explains what the darjeeling is--but can't remember. I'll re-read it later and see if I can tell you what I found out. I keep a little basket of books by my recliner so I often read in snatches while Hubby watches tv at night. :) The tea book is in here. I think its like 'light reading' it generally leads to snoring. :)

Teri C said...

I love English Breakfast tea by Twining but you sure make this sound interesting!

Retirement place...WHOOHOO! Have a great trip.

Anonymous said...

Hello Julie! Long time no visit - and here you are talking about tea (which I love). I'm sipping oolong and keeping kleenex handy (little cold). Hope you are well.

soulbrush said...

you musy be so glad that your week is fnially over, and what a lovely trip to take, to look for a nice place to retire...enjoy, and tell us all about it.

walk2write said...

I hope you consider the Pensacola area, Julie. We would love to have you as a neighbor. I like Darjeeling too, but Earl Grey is still one of my favorites with just a hint of bergamot.

Aiyana said...

I thought you were coming to AZ to retire! I know you can't drive here and back on a weekend, so it must be in Florida. AZ has a state tax, so Florida is probably better, if you can take the humidity. That's the one thing I just can't take.

My LIttle Family: said...

Retire?!?!? That sounds wonderful. What are are you looking in? Oh, I will be going to Arcadia in late December. Maybe we can meet! Vickie

Stapeliad said...

Ah, tea...everything about it I love. It is my fuel of choice. A delicate balance between regular and decaf and the myriad of varieties available.

Serena said...

I haven't tried Darjeeling tea but I do love the colours in the packaging...must look out for some here. Dilmah Green tea is my tea of choice.....drink it all day long. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there
Well you know its good to learn something new. I didn't know that either. I haven't seen that tea around either. I think I'll have to take a look for it also and give it a try.

I enjoy Orange Pekoe tea and Engish Breakfast Tea best. I've been testing Irish tea and British tea straight from England because I've received some as little gifts from friends who travel. I love trying new ones. I'm a coffee person but in the afternoon?...ahhhhh love tea.

Now where did you go I wonder on your little trip about finding a town to retire in? Thats so exciting. I hope you share with us.

Have a nice evening.