Friday, November 14, 2008

Spiders, Urine Recycler Aboard for Space Shuttle Launch

The space shuttle Endeavor launched this evening with an odd assortment of cargo—including live spiders, butterflies, and new technology to turn urine into drinking water. We walked out to our driveway (along with a lot of our neighbors) and watched the shuttle go up! We have a clear view of it here, and could actually see it for a good long while due to such clear skies and darkness. It was emotional for me, as it is each time one goes up. I can always inagine how I might feel if I were aboard! WOW! I would love to blog from space!!!
If you want to read more about this mission, click HERE!


Claude said...

I've never got to see the shuttle take off... the shuttles have gone over on re-entry a few times, and I've gone out to see that. It was really quite amazing.

As for going up there, might be fun, but I ain't drinking no recycled urine. sorry.

Stapeliad said...

I so would not want to drink recycled pee...especially other peoples'! Techno-pee: NO THANK YOU.


Loved the title of this post!

Julie said...

I know, you does sound SOOOO unappealing!!! LOL.

Pokeberry Mary said...

I read about that too.. recycled urine--sounds like something that would be good for succulents, but I personally would pass. Emily looks so beautiful! Can't wait for our Ruby to come!

My LIttle Family: said...

You're not drinking pee, you are drinking water extracted from
urine. You can break down any compound. We went to the space center once to watch a launch and I know what you mean Julie, I get goosebumps each time. I don't understand why it is not a really big deal each time?!?!?!?!? Vickie

soulbrush said...

you can see the shuttle take off??? hey I am so impressed...i 'know' someone who can see the shuttle taking off from the end of her driveway...yippeee, i am famous!!!

Teri C said...

How exciting to see the takeoff!! I envy you that experience.

I'm not even going to that pee issue. That is recycling to the max.

Is that a new pic of Donovan? What a doll!!

Tootsie said...

I watched it on t.v. it was very neat....but to see it from my house would be super cool

Wicked Gardener said...

I MISSED IT!! It was totally off my radar. I was bumbed too, because I've heard it that it might be last night launch.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
You are so lucky to be able to see the takeoff right from home...and the weather was just perfect too. I guess it would have to be pretty perfect for it to launch. You must have good and deep feeings every time you see it. It is so amazing really.

come by sometime.
Have a great day

Serena said...

Our government is in the process of building sewage recycling plants due to the severe drought....I'm so not liking the idea of drinking that!