Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wild Wild Cactus Monday

My submission for Cactus Monday was inspired by some pillows a lady had this last week that she had bought in Cancun, Mexico. They were hand appliqued, and each section was sewn with a blanket stitch around the edge. I also had a wild week this past week betweeen work and cleaning to get ready for Thanksgiving, and I am also anticipating a wild week again with only a 4 day work week! So, without further it is "Wild, Wild Turkey Week"! Please do not overlook the Saguaro Cactus!!!!

Made free hand with printed cardstocks, added pics from magazines, Sharpie pen, and Wild West Font printed off computer. A touch of craziness, just like we all feel this time of year. LOL.
I hope all of your week goes well, and that you have a lot of fun. I sure am grateful for a lot of things, and so very grateful for all of you! I enjoy reading your blogs, all your comments, and learning so much from you. Thanks!!!


marianne said...

Wow what a perfect piece for today!

Happy Cactus Monday!

ps Great idea the stroller to take Doozey shopping!

soulbrush said...

absolutely brilliant choice as a lot of you will all be a bit wild this weel leading up to thanksgiving. poor turkeys (see margaret's post) happy cm cactuteer and hugs.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is fantastic Julie. I thought it was a pillow. Ha... Don't go crazy this week. Try to relax and enjoy it.

Teri C said...

Awesome Julie!!! I love every bit of it. It's so perfect for turkey week starting with Turkey Cactus Monday.


Thanks for insisting that Jessica join us.

Stapeliad said...

It seems to me that the turkey is trying to hide behind that cactus. I guess we'll know in a few days whether or not he succeeds...



Darla said...

I'll have to check this one out too. I have some cacti, two of my girls have them in their rooms. What is Mary's blog address please would like to check out her garden.

Margaret Ann said...

VERY cute...really awesome patterns! Happy cactus Monday fellow Cacuteer! :)

Pudgeduck said...

I need to get busy and make a few cards! You are truly talented!

Flying Colors said...

This is very exquisite, wonderful play of patterns and fabulous color way (combination)!
One of my favorites for this week... well worth the wildness... rush... rush... rush!
Have a great THANKSGIVING!
And HCM form a cacuteer :)

Bobbbie Lynn said...

That is so neat!

Aiyana said...

This is really cute! You always come up with the greatest stuff.