Monday, November 10, 2008

10 random things about me!

SOULBRUSH set me up to do this tagging thingy! To list 10 random things about myself. I will attempt it, but be aware this post may take me several hours to come up with anything interesting! Please feel free to carry this process out on your own blogs, and let me know if you I can come and read your responses too! goes:

1. I won a cake in second grade.

2. My Mom bought me a new pair of shoes (Weejun Penny Loafers) for the first day of 5th grade, and by the time I had gotten home, I had already lost my shoes! To this day, we never found out where they went or where I lost them!!! I have been a forgetful person all my life...have lost purses, glasses, etc.

3. I rarely ever buy a lottery ticket, but wish I would win with the one ticket I ever do buy!!!!

4. I was a tennis team groupie in high school...I played tennis non-stop.

5. I used to play the flute in elementary and middle school.

6. I enjoy studying world religions.

7. I bought an orange Fiat Spider convertible in college and never had so much fun!
I wish I still had one!

8. I love pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and forms (ie: pumpkin pie)!!!

9. I used to be a Navy Grog drinker, in my mid 20's. Here is a recipe for you, and you can tell me if you love them also!

Navy Grog recipe

1/2 oz Bacardi® light rum
1/2 oz Bacardi® gold rum
1/2 oz Bacardi® dark rum
1/2 oz Grand Marnier® orange liqueur
1 oz grapefruit juice
1 oz orange juice
1 oz pineapple juice

Pour liquors into an ice-filled collins glass. Add juices, shake, and garnish with an orange wedge and pineapple chunk.

10. I used to attend a Baptist college, and some nights we would go over to the outdoor chapel and swim in the baptismal pool. That was a risky, fun and invigorating time!!!

OK...there you go! This was fun!!! Enjoy those Grogs, everyone!!!


Teri C said...

OMG Julie, these are the funnest things!!!!! lol and lol I'm glad she set you up for this.

My LIttle Family: said...

You wild woman! I had no idea.

Beverly said...

Good luck on those lottery tickets! I buy one every week and am still kicking my shoes together hoping my fairy grandmother will grant me my wish to win!

Margaret Ann said...

Hilarious...Here's a toast to the weejun penny loafers...:)

Julie said...

Margaret- Toast back at ya!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hmmmm I have always wondered what Grog was, now I know.

Julie said...

Lisa- Grogs are Juicylishious!!! Very refreshing. As a matter of fact, I plan to make a bunch this weekend just for old mamories sake!

Stapeliad said...

I think that grog would knock me over.

That is a good thing.

Refill, please!

My LIttle Family: said...

I believe you might enjoy today's post ont his blog:

Green thumb said...

Hi Julie! WOW! That is such an interesting stuff, I wish I too had done all these things.
An interest in World religions is fairly deep,it is amazing, you are quite a personality.

marianne said...

haha 3 facts extra!
Nice list Julie! The grog sounds delicious but dangerous.
I love to play tennis!!!!! In summer I sometimes play 7 times a week and I am still not good at at! (I started at 40)
You asked in my list where KLM stand for, it is Koninklijke Luchtvaart maatschappij, which means translated Royal Dutch Airlines.
And I am not a bookkeeper (thank God for those poor books) I work as a purser on intercontinental flights. That explains my tavels.
Ans answers your question on my blog with the pink mandala.
Thanks for your comment and visit, I always enjoy your visits and comments

Hug >M<

Serena said...

I can so identify with No. 3.

Rum is a little too strong for me so it would be wise for me NOT to try this drink. lol