Monday, November 17, 2008

A little Grandchild explanation

I have 4 kids.

The two oldest are my two step-sons! Here are the kids in order from oldest to youngest:

My oldest step-son (33 years old),and his wife, have Shelby and Georgia Ann (live in Louisiana).

My second step-son (30 years old) is single, with no kids yet. (Lives in Louisiana)

My oldest son (26) (and his wife) have Donovan and Emily June. (Live in Germany)

My youngest 18 year old daughter (single, lives at home and is in college).

Now, suddenly I feel older than I did a few minutes ago! LOL.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have a son and daughter older than your two oldest. So don't feel too old.

Pokeberry Mary said...

Ah yes! I felt pretty old too when our oldest turned 26 this month. End of next month I'll be all done with teenagers as the younget of our four turns 20 and then comes Ruby--the grandbaby due shortly after! Getting old has its perks!

Ginny said...

lol but ps-James is 30 now haha

feel older? I do bc I'm about to be 30

marianne said...

hi Julie,
Me too! I have 2 step-kids and 2 sons, but no grandkids yet and already I feel old sometimes...... :)

soulbrush said...

aha now all is made clear! thanks.
you feel old!!
my eldest son is 37 and not married, the other is 32 and is going to be a dad in january (as you know).
it's that first look in the mirror every morning that scares me...'who the hell is that?' i think It looks like my mother!!! except she didn't live to be this age!
HCM cactuteer and i like your new sidebar avatar photo.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
Thank you for introducing us to your children. Its not that you still have one at home and the others you can visit at their home.
Mine are both out of the house...there are so many times I miss that we're not all still together.
Have a great day..and it was so nice to have you visit!

Claude said...

You have a beautiful family, and I can tell from your writing that your very proud of them!

Stapeliad said...

oh crap what am I going to do when Daya is that old?

Here I was feeling old that she turned three.

soulbrush said...

hello 'old' girl. pop over to my blog as it is award-giving day today.

Aiyana said...

You think you have problems? My only grandchild graduates from college in December with a degree in Civil Engineering. He just turned 24. That should make you feel better!