Sunday, December 21, 2008

1st Mandala (if I remember correctly)!

I bought myself a compasss the other day at a fancy art store, and decided to try using it to make a mandala. It wasn't perfect, but that is another story. Anyway I just gave it a practice whirl and without any rhyme or reason (or decent color choices) I have made a semi decent shell of a mandala. Do not pay any attention to the fact that I haven't filled in my color all the way, but I did do a kinda fancy little trick with the pink Sharpie along the edges of the white with blue stripes section, which gave it an cool look (I think)! I just thought I would give you a little entertainment this Sunday morning! LOL. Happy day to you all.
Julie :)


Pokeberry Mary said...

Very Artistic! BTW--thanks so much for posting the pretty christmas cactus pix and the recipes for the cactus pads--they have those in the store here and I didn't know what you do with them--now I will need to try that salsa!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie
That is very talented you are! I love doodling but you have such precision for goodness sake! Do you like to doodle?

I chuckled wondering how your "bird stage of life" is going? I seem to be the same...
have a lovely day

My LIttle Family: said...

Very nice Julie. You're up early creating art!

Claude said...

Neat! It reminds me of the highly decorated spirals I used to cover my notebooks with in high-school... I think I origionally modeled them after some sort of aborigional arwork I had seen somewhere, but then I overworked them... I don't have any of them around anymore, but maybe I should try to do another one.

Teri C said...

yay Julie!! You did a beautiful job on this mandala. Did you notice how mandalas just surprise you with the results.

Now you are a mandala princess like me and Marianne is the Queen of Mandalas.

Julie said...

Mary- I'm glad you will try the salsa! I will too!!!

Judi- I am thinking of perfecting my mandala making skills and do some involving birds, during my bird stage!!! LOL :)

Claude- PLEASE so some of your spiral work so we can see it!!!!! I am begging you! :)

Teri- OMG...I can be a mandala princess already??? WOW! I am feeling the love! Thankyou!!!!!

marianne said...

Wow Julie! Spectacular!
Isn´t it cool you have this result the first time?!
I think this is a very important one because you were guided by intuition, no thoughts no rules, just creating!
And I think we all are mandala queens! every mandala is unique and beautiful in it´s own way, just like people are. We are all one, just like the mandala.

Julie said...

Marianne- I get to be a QUEEN??? LOLOL. Oh, thanks for the sweet comment. My plan is to get better at this! I hope my plan works!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love your mandala Julie. I am not a perfectionist so I don't mind a mandala with a few imperfections.

Serena said...

WTG, Julie.....awesome job on your first mandala!