Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rootings, cactus and tumblers!

Good Saturday morning! I am doing laundry (since 6am), and drinking my coffee...getting ready by 8am to go hit some garage sales! I love it when my daugher has a driving 'NEED" to go do some shopping! She ordered a new ball- jointed doll for her Christmas gift from us (and Santa)...and it is very small. It wears clothes the size of a Kelly doll (Barbie's little sister). We have not been to lucky finding Kelly or her clothes anywhere this year! So, now we MUST go out looking on the streets!!! LOL. It will be a lot of fun, and we are taking my Mom also, so hopefully we can find some new treasures! I see in the paper that we have quite a few to choose from in the area...YEAH!

So here are some random pics of this going on here. First a shot of my attempt to root Angelwing Begonias in water. They are long peices, and I have lost a few leaves so far. It has been about 5 days, and no sign of roots yet...but I am still holding out that there will be many in just a few more days!!! :)
The other one is my cutting from a kalenchoe that has taken on well, and is really starting to grow nicely!

Can you believe all of the dark pink buds on this Christmas cactus?
My all white one, had 2 light salmon colored ones come on it this year. I do not remember them being there last year! Hmmm. They are pretty though, and I like them. They were some of the first ones to open up, so they are on their way out already, and then I will have all white!
You can see the two salmon ones right in the front of the picture below!

We have a Tervis Tumbler store here, and they are so popular in south Florida because they have double insulated walls, and a lifetime whenever I have one that gets messed up for any reason, I just drive over to our local store and trade out for a new one. Well, I had one with an angel in it that was allowing some condensation to build up between the walls of the glass, so my sweet Mom took it over and traded for me. I asked her to get me something bright and colorful, and here is what she picked! A Key West sort of house! Isn't it cute??? I am so happy with it.

The have so many designs, and I cannot have a coordinated set because I want one of each! That seems to be how it goes for me. I like variety in every area of my life, for some reason. And colors. Below are a few others of my Tervis Tumblers. I have about 15 of the larger ones, and then the 4 small bird ones. They are extra- specially nice also because they are dishwasher and microwave safe. I used to never want to drink out of plastic, but I have a big ol cup of coffee in one every morning and it is just heavenly!

There are different sizes and styles...out favorite is the short fat one with a handle (like the Key West house one). The bird ones you see here were a secret Santa gift from one of my neighbors 2 years ago (smaller without a handle). There were 4 different birds in a set. You KNOW I loved those!!!!! I just bought myself this green dragonfly a few months ago (couldn't resist)! If anyone is interested in checking out all of their designs, I use an online store that has free shipping anywhere in the U.S! You can find them here at The Tervis Tumbler Store. They will ship to APO addresses also, if you have anyone overseas in the military. I love to send a set as a gift because they can be personalized to the individual, with all of the different designs available! I have sent out Florida Gater ones, Army ones and a set of kitty cats to my sweet DIL over in Germany! Check them out, just for a little fun!


judicreations said...

Hi Julie
Oh you are sooo lucky you can go garage saleing in the wintertime! We have to wait the long winter until the summer! I hope you find the little clothes you are looking for.
I hope your begonia gets roots. It'll probably take more than another few days to get them...just be persistant. I'll be interested to see when they arrive also.
Love your mugs! I've never seen any like that. Wow with a lifetime guarantee too. I will have to check out that site.
Have a lovely Saturday...good thing you were up so early you have lots to do girl!

Cindy said...

1. Your Christmas cacti look so nice. Mine bloomed before Thanksgiving this year and now they look worn out.

2. I've never heard of Tervis Tumblers.

3. Have a Merry Christmas!

Teri C said...

Your Christmas cactus are beautiful!!!

Shopping...NOT :)

Claude said...

I've got a couple of those tumblers around here somewhere... they're great for iced tea in the summer time. One of the few plastic things I'll let stay around the house. The Christmas cactus are nice! Wonder how that salmon one got in there? Maybe the origional grower accidentally let a wrong cutting get in there, and it's just now getting big enough to bloom...

Aiyana said...

I've never heard of Tervis Tumblers. They do look nice. What are the odds you'll be able to find what you are looking for at garage sales, etc.? Seems kind of remote, but I bet you come home with something, if not Kelly-doll sized clothes!

MrBrownThumb said...

Your Schlums looks really cool! I didn't get any new ones this year but now I'm wishing I had. With so many colors you can go crazy collecting them.

My LIttle Family: said...

How'd you do at thrifting?

Ginny said...

I just love my tervis tumblers!!! They are the best bc you can drink hot or cold out of them and they don't condensate all over everything. I'm drinking out of one of my kitty ones right now!!!!

ps-Tell Carolyn I said, "Get your darn license already're 19 now!!" lol I know she just loves having a sister now! hahaha

marianne said...

With a little luck your Christmas cactus will be blooming at Christmas!
Mine is nearly finished...... (it has no internal clock)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love your Cactus Julie.

We sell those Tervis Tumblers where I work. I got one monogramed for my Dearly Beloved for his birthday. They are nice.