Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Happy Texas Cactus Monday!

Well, I am back home. I found Frisco, Texas to be devoid of cactus and succulents except for a few growing prickly pears (not in natural habitat) at a Pioneer Plaza Park there! You can see some of the bronze-looking cattle (Texas Longhorns), statues in the picture. Some had cowboys riding them! There were many of these all around the park and at a shopping center across the street. See a write up (and more pics) about the park HERE. The cactus there were needless cactus, and if I had seen them earlier, I would have taken a few pads to her house, and cooked them up for dinner!!! YES!

I took several pics with my cell phone camera, and the rest never came through and got deleted from the camera. Can you believe I went to see my sister graduate from her Masters program, and I very meticulously packed my camera with 2 sets of spare batteries, only to find out my memory card was absent! Thats when I started taking pics with the cell phone. Amazingly my sisters gratuation pics turned out very well!!!

We had full intention to visit a cactus nursery there and, that was scrapped to visit a huge electronics store called Fry's. That place was amazing! WOWZERS!!!

It was a nice quick visit at my sisters house, and we enjoyed seeing them and my 2 nephews. I have to say I am happy to get back to my little house again, cozy and ready for a good nights sleep with my Doozey!!!

Happy Cactus Monday everyone!!!


Aiyana said...

I was also out of town--to Denver to my grandson's college graduation. He now has a degree in Civil Engineering! Hope he can find a job in this economy.

Frisco, Texas doesn't sound like the Southwest if it has no cacti. I need to look up what part of the state it's in!

Claude said...

Pioneer Plaza is kind of nice... I guess you were here for our cold snap, huh? And I've certainly been to Fryes Electronics. It's huge... and it makes me nervous. LOL

soulbrush said...

hcm fellow cactuteer. glad you had a great visit. love from me in sunny sa.

Stapeliad said...

Wow, cacti without prickers! I hope you had a great time in TX!


Teri C said...

Sounds like a wonderful and auspicious weekend even tho the camera was only almost prepare. Thank goodness for cell phones.

I love those spineless cacti.


yoon see said...

Beautiful! At least you still got this one and only great photo to show us...not that bad ha!
Happy Cactus Monday!

marianne said...

Could have happen to me.
I came to Shanghai without a memory card, bought one there and got cheated.........
Thanks that there are allways others with camera`s!
Glad you had a wonderful time!
Too bad no photo´s but your story is great!
Happy Cactus Monday!

Pudgeduck said...

Sounds like you had a good time! Welcome back!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like you had a good time this weekend. Congrats to your sister. The best laid plans often are thwarted by one tiny forgotten item. Sigh~~ Happy Cactus Monday anyway.

Serena said...

It's always nice to get back to your own bed, isn't it? I could feel your pain on discovering you'd left the memory card for the camera at home but I'm glad your sister's graduation pics turned out well.

Prickly pear is one of my favourite cacti but we aren't allowed to have them here as they are seen as a weed by our councils. If prickly pear gets into the bushlands they, apparently, take over and endanger our native species. Nice pic with the prickly pear in the foreground.

Flying Colors said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. It's always a treat for me to see my sister.
My best wishes to yours and congratulations also.
Needleless or thornless cacti paddles, that is something new.
How were you going to cook them? I'm curious :)
Have a great week!

Claude said...

Julie... to really see the native cactus, you have to go south and west of Ft. Worth... The Dallas area had some, but they've been pretty much anialated over the years. Also, Dallas gets about twice the amount of rain as Ft. Worth - It's got something to do with the way the Trinity river affects the weather patterns. Even though they're only 30 miles apart, Ft.Worth is Considered the begining of the Desert Southwest, and Dallas is considered just Southern. Strange, Huh..?

judicreations said...

Hi Julie *hugs*
I've missed you!
Oh dear thats too bad about your camera. Doesn't that make you mad!! We did that once on a lovely trip to Cape Cod where we went whale watching...took tons of pictures only to find out at home that we had no film in the was those days with the camera. aaaa too bad Julie.
Well hopefully you can get some pics from someone else. It sounds like it was a nice trip.
I've never had cactus pads to eat.
Interesting indeed.
Have a lovely day