Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I feel rich!

You never know what you don't have, until you don't have it! Our naval orange and pink grapefruit tree were taken out by the repetitive hurricanes back in 2004-5. We haven't had our own citrus since then, except fruit given to us by friends and neighbors, or very rarely from the grocery store. My sweet Aunt Dot from the west coast of Florida, brought us bags of her own pink grapefruit, tangelos, and oranges!

Tonight I did my master citrus peeling on them! LOL. My Mom taught me this method a few years ago, and it works so well. Peel the citrus, cut it right down the middle, then hold the half in your hand (cupped), and using the knife very carefully cut out the whole center core. Then turn the half orange (or what ever it is) sideways and just cut it in half or thirds, depending on how huge it is. The sections will break apart when you stir it, or you can just use your fingers to break them apart. I usually get them all halved and all the centers cut out, and after I do them all, I go back and start cutting them sideways.

Now I am ready for breakfast in the morning! I love COLD cut up citrus fruit! It is so juicy and delicious! Just thought I would show you how fortunate I became when my Aunt Dot brought me all of this wonderfulness!!! I feel rich now!


Cindy said...

I think it's cute that your little snowman (what is that, a towel?) is smiling to have all those fruits on his head. Enjoy those grapefruits. I'm not allowed to eat them anymore because I take a statin drug and they have a bad interaction with grapefruit, of all things. But I'm imagining the taste of it right now.

Tootsie said...

yummy!!! {8-)

Am said...

My goodness, you can't get any fresher than that.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are rich Julie. You are making my mouth water showing us that bowl of fruit.

Stapeliad said...


marianne said...

I love citrus fruits!
I´m allergic to a lot of fruit like apples and peaches etc, but citrus I can eat!
I love oranges!
Can imagine you feel rich with this bowl of delicious fruit!
Sorry your own trees are gone.....