Friday, December 5, 2008

Better day today!

Well, I made it through my Friday at work! Yeah! It was very busy from start to finish, but it kept me busy and out of trouble, and for that I can be thankful, right???

Tonight we went out to dinner at a new diner-like place. I had a small salad so I could have a peice of their homemade butterscotch pie! It was fantastic...I believe it is my favorite kind of pie! It has inspired me to try and make a sugar free one, just for kicks! (Made with Splenda or Sweet N Low).

Tomorrow I am attending a doll collector meet-up with my daughter, which should be interesting. Something different. It is at a Japanese museum, which is always beautiful. She will take a lot of pics of her doll, and others will too, all around the gorgeous park there....for a photo contest.

I am thinking of going out and throwing up some Christmas lights on my bushes in the front yard. The question is, do I have enough energy left today??? Hmmmmm.....we shall see!

Have a red and green jelly belly happy weekend!!!


Teri C said...

Glad to hear you made it through the day without incident!!

studio lolo said...

Julie...try "Stevia" a no calorie all natural sweetener found in most health food stores (like Whole Foods.) You'll never go back to artificial sweeteners again :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I really like the glass pebbles with your jelly belly succulent. It looks as if it is about to burst.