Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cactus Monday!

Oh, happy Monday...finally back to the regular everyday days of the year post holidays, and if you are like me, you have a lot waiting for you back at work! I decided I had to make a little something for Cactus Monday...stay up late to work on it so I would not go to bed and then have to seemingly get UP even earlier...and this is the thing I came up with! It is a combination of colored Sharpies, and stickers. Nothing great...but a little bit of cactus fun. Gotta keep my Monday light, green, and hopefully not full of sticky things, but maybe I can say that my mind will be as SHARP as a cactus tomorrow, so I can get everything done smoothly and efficiently!

And here is my Cutter Bee, which is actually called a Circle Scissor. It has a drawing handle (you see it sticking up here), and I can pull this one out and put in one with a blade for cutting. I haven't tried cutting yet, but I will have to soon. First, I must get a glass cutting board as they suggest using underneath. The drawing of a circle anywhere from 1-6 inches wide is just fantastic with this thing. My daugher told me just today that they found it at Target, which was surprising to me. I don't think I expected them to carry such a wonderous tool, I suppose! Anyway...just wanted to show you, and you can see a picture in the package HERE if you would like to check it out. It tells more about it underneath the picture.



marianne said...

Great cactus play puzzle!
And thanks for showing and explaining the cutter bee!
After your earlier posts I looked it up at the internet, but I just saw the cutter part so I couldn´t imagine how to draw circles with it, now it is clear!
I think I wanna have this too! I want to try this! The cutter part can be fun as well I think!

Happy Cactus Monday Julie!

Claude said...

A little cactus crossword... Neat... As for a glass cutting board, it sounds to me like they want to sell glass cutting boards. Wouldn't a rubber cutting mat like they sell for home sewers work just as well? Or any kitchen cutting board?

Ahhh - what do I know. LOL

soulbrush said...

ha ha a crossword puzzle, eggsellent cactuteer and hcm. this cutter thing is so strange, just scares me!

Stapeliad said...

HAPPY CACTUS MONDAY! I love your page of Cactus Fun!


My LIttle Family: said...

I so hope it is Noodles because it breaks Cat's heart everytime she goes to a false alarm. She is buying a humane trap today because the food was eaten again last night. The next door neighbor has 2 rattties but the woman insists the dog is Noodles. Crossing fingers, praying......

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh My Julie, you were very creative last night. I hope you are as sharp as a spine today. Love your Circle Bee. I imagine they had it for all the scrapbook people. There are amazing tools for them to be creative. Happy Cactus Monday.

Teri C said...

Julie, this is SO creative and wonderful. Yo are going to have us all buying one of these.


yoon see said...

Beautiful post and great illutrated crossword puzzle that have been resolved:)
Happy Cactus monday.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie
Happy Cactus Monday to you too. Thanks for your visit and I'm doing better. Not sure what I caught. I need to check out the Cutter Bee. I could use a tool like that to cut out perfect circle. : ) I use the old fashion templates still. I see that your Christmas cactus is still blooming. My pink one starting to bloom, so I hope to post that one this week. The blue flowers on my banner are called Cornflowers. I grew them from seed last spring and they did great. They are a very tall willowy plant that need to be staked but well worth it. The seed packet was from Renee’s Garden “Heirloom Cornflowers – Blue Boy”. Have a great Monday!

studio lolo said...

Now that's very, very clever!!!

I have to go read about the lost dog now :( I have a rat terrier mix and I can't imagine life without her.


Margaret Ann said...

Happy Cactus Monday! That cutting tool is really cool...I also like your little word puzzle...Have a great day! :)

Tootsie said...

happy Monday...Cactus Monday!

Aiyana said...

Very creative!

Serena said... THAT'S a Cutter interesting and handy piece of equipment.

I love your cactus puzzle! :)