Sunday, January 18, 2009

Doozey finds my hidden cactus!

Cactus Monday Logo art by Marianne @ Mandalas and More


Cindy said...

Did she taste it after she found it?

Hey, my sister just adopted a cute little doggie that could be Doozey's cousin. Looky!

soulbrush said...

love his cute name..and he's sooo clever too. hcm cactuteer.

Teri C said...

That Doozey is so darn cute. This is such a neat post.


yoon see said...

Thanks for sharing, I don't know that there are cactus juices around. How does it taste?
Now only I know.
Fresh green look & beautifully designed and packaged!
The glass bottle really worth a collection.
Happy Cactus Monday.

Congrats Julie!
Your blog is listed in my yoonseelink:

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yum. Lime Cactus. I hope Doosey is ok.

Stapeliad said...

HAHAHA LOL this is FABULOUS!!!!!!!

Way to go Doozey!!

How clever Julie.


My Little Family: said...

Sorry I didn't answer your question before. Yes, the hunt for Noodles is still on. There is someone saying she's seen her and Noodles's owner has been leaving food & blankies in this woman's yard. She even put out a humane trap but caught a cat. I dunno, the woman's next door neighbor has 2 ratties and I wonder if they sometimes slip outside unleashed. Pet psychic says Noodles is still trying to find her way home.

Margaret Ann said...

Very clever! Happy Cactus Mondaty Fellow Cacuteer! :)

Julie said...

Happy Cactus Monday everyone!

Cindy...that little Holly is so cute! They really could be cousins!

Vickie...thanks for the update!!!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Doozey is so cute. Love your watercolor also. I wish I could draw.

Julie said...

Bobbie Lynn- The watercolor was actually done by MARIANNE, at Mandalas and More, as our Cactus Monday Logo!!! She is a great artist!

Aiyana said...

Soooo, we find out Doozey DOES have a drinking problem. Did you do the cat/prickly pear cactus art? It's great!

Julie said...

Aiyana- that Cactus Monday Member logo was done by a fellow member, Marianne, at Mandalas and More!