Wednesday, January 14, 2009


How's everyone doing? It is midweek and all is well. Been busy. I was looking for a good pic to post tonight, and then I got this really cute shot of Doozey which I did a "neon" treatment to, and look what turned out! I think it looks very cool!

We went over today and met all the ladies who are hooking together all of the crocheted squares everyone turned in (for, and they have a really pretty one started with a lot of it was decided that they need quite a few squares made of solid pink to put in between, and this blanket will be for a female veteran! That is cool! So we are all working on that color this month. I cannot do the joining together part because they meet during the workweek, so, we will just keep on making squares! It is satisfying to see them made into something useful and for a good cause!

My friend and I are looking for a tole (decorative)painting class to take. We are already intermediate level tole painters (have I ever mentioned that?) and our old teacher moved away, so we need of a new one...maybe I will have luck tonight when I search around online. We tried Community Education, and there is not a class near enough, so I will check a few of the local towns to see if their recreation centers offer it.

2 more days of work. I am looking ahead to a nice weekend. Maybe I will go and take pics of all my stuff I tole painted and show it...that could be fun!

Here is a lovely mandala made by nature! One of my Haworthia Limifolias!

Good Wednesday night!!!


Aiyana said...

I like the Doozy neon effect. It does look like a neon sign! Your Haworthia is looking real healthy. I think they like the winter time. My specimens also look really good right now too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good Thursday Morning to you Julie. I would love to see your tole painting. My niece does this. Your natural mandala is beautiful. Isn't it amazing how we look at a subject and notice things other than what one might normally see.

Green thumb said...

Hmmm...Doozey looks quite dashing with that 'neon treatment'. It has added a high dose of machismo to his already good looks.
Wow dear! I would love to see the stuff you have painted.
I also have a similar Haworthia, and I love the geometric arrangement of its leaves.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Neat Cactus. Have fun this weekend.

soulbrush said...

oh hello julie, i haven't been for a visit for ages, dunno why....have a happy week and love this mandala.

Teri C said...

I love those inverted colors. Doozey looks awesome.

Great mandala! Good eye.