Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happiest of Cactus Mondays to YOU!

Today I made a decision. It was a big one. It was a decision NOT to have a diningroom table anymore! We never use ours, and I had set up a space in my bedroom for crafty stuff, but I felt so squeezed in there that I rarely wanted to go in. The room that the diningroom table was in is in our Florida room which is surrounded by windows overlooking the backyard (a place I loving refer to an "The Campground" now)! Sunshine comes in, and I have a more open and green view from there. SOOOOO...I moved some furniture around and turned the table into my NEW crafting area, and I am so happy now. Plus I can sit out where the husband and daughter are...out in the I am a happy camper, so to speak now! YEAH!!!

This picture I drew and painted with watercolors, which obviously I do not know how to do,... started out by my drawing a glass of pothos that I have rooting on my table. I sort of made up the cactus in my mind to add for this special occasion (Cactus Monday).

Hope everyone has a great week coming up. I'm sure gonna try to!
HCM! Julie


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This is a cheerful sketch Julie. I reallly like it. I knew right away this was a pothos. A good rendering. Happy Cactus Monday and don't work too hard.

Claude said...

No dining room table...

How uncivilized! LOL.

I think it's an excellent idea... I've known people who put their bed in the front living room.

It's your space, utilize it the way that makes the most sense to you and however makes you happy!

yoon see said...

Thanks for your kind wishes and the very same to you!!!
This cactus is so lovely and I also love this ornage brown cute little clay pot to go with it.
The colour of the pot and the cactus just blend in so an inviting creeping plant for cheer.
Happy Cactus Monday Julie:)

Louise said...

Is that cuttings you got on the right? I don't know what it's called but I got the same cuttings from my co-worker couple years ago and it grew like crazy. It's now turned into a nice trailing plant at the corner of my staircase.

Stapeliad said...

Julie what a cool decision about your table! I hope it brings you many joyful and creative hours.

Hey your picture is super! I LOVE that optunia and you did a great job on those leaves!!


Teri C said...

Julie, big YEAH! for you. A studio in the campground! And these paintings are just great!!


soulbrush said...

sounds ideal, and a perfect place to be creative, and your drawing is great. so enjoy your new space and you go girl! hcm fellow cactuteer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie
Well thats a different idea and sounds like its working out so well for you. It must be great to have so much more room to work on things you didn't have room for before...great idea..
You are having fun doing all kinds of crafty things...your cactus looks so neat...keep up the good drawing...*s*.

Enjoy your nice weather..
have a lovely day

Aiyana said...

Great work as usual. I have a dining room table and chairs that have been used no more than 10 times in 20 years. Such a waste. If my dining area was more closed in, I'd do exactly what you've done.

Stapeliad said...

oh Julie...I don't have a balcony. Or crickets.


Margaret Ann said...

It's so much fun to think outside the box a bit and shake things up every once in awhile...Sounds like a fabulous work area...and inclusive of family goings on!

A really sweet little post today...Happy Cactus Monday to You fellow cacuteer...even though its now Tuesday LOL :)

Dee said...

great idea to move your crafty stuff out where you can do it and have a great view and company too! Your picture is lovely- the colors are beautiful.

marianne said...

Do you have before and after pictures????
I love make overs
How cool that you have your own space and one you feel comfortable in!
Lucky you!
I only have a desk in my husband´s study........I want to have my own studio again. The desk I have now is so small and cramped. But I have to have some more patience.....
Love your cactus painting Hope you had a Happy Cactus Monday! I was out of the country and remotely posted mine.