Friday, January 16, 2009

Just imagining...

these chairs in my dining room (if I had one)!

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

They are quite colorful.

Stapeliad said...

These chairs are wonderful! I love how you love orange.

Thank you for your wonderful comment. I could just picture that vibrant yellow of the flower petals as you told your story. You know, it's been said that a true artist finds beauty in the banal, in the seemingly ugly. And how wonderful that you can slow down enough to see these special messages meant just for you.

I'd really recommend 12 secrets to highly creative women to you...I'm really finding it helpful and useful so far. Please please don't give up your art- you have a great eye, and the joy of your soul really comes through in your work. I remember being really really sad the two times you gave up your blog, and look at the wonderful thriving place it is today. Thank you for continuing to share with us.


PS it's 5 degrees here. And I am still sleeping with the window open LOL

Teri C said...

I like them a lot.

Claude said...

Well, don't you need chairs in your crafting area?

get you some orange spray paint and go for it!