Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm running an upscale resort for lizards!

It's multi storied, warm, and a friendly kinda place! Beautiful too...populated with colorful succulents and weeds! Ha! I have to say that while I have been sick, and barely tottling into the kitchen to get yet another cup of hot tea, I have enjoyed my little lizard friends! They have given me the most happiness (Doozey is # 1 in that department)! Everytime I look out there, there are anywhere from one to five of them laying around, sometimes frollicking about with each other...playing in the new found warmth of the spring sun of south Florida!

Sometimes I think I should get rid of the tires...maybe they are too much of an eyesore for some (not me)...but then I think of my little lizard friends...their whole lovely vacation lifestyle would be gone. There is no way I can do it.

As soon as I am better (Dr. Oz says the flu generally lasts 14 days, and I am on day 13)...I will get my succulent tires revised again and upgrade the hot stones, refreshed hot rubber spa mats, with a few new lovely plants for decor. My outdoor guests should be as happy as clams (I mean spoiled rotten lizards)!


Diane AZ said...

Hi Julie, I'm sorry you've been sick with the flu. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for sharing your charming lizards and tire gardens!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I have never seen a lizard in my garden. I think you are quite lucky to have such a creature in your garden.

Bobbie Lynn said...

They are fun to watch. Your tire gardens a very colorful and they know they are in a good place. I just wish my lizard would start eating more of the Earwigs that I'm finding in my roses. Take is slow and hope your feeling a 100% soon.

Happy Sunday to you.
Bobbie Lynn

Claude said...

We have lizards here too... although most of ours are the nocturnal geckos... I love having them around.

walk2write said...

Julie, I hope you feel better soon. Your lizard friends are probably enjoying some excellent cuisine in their resort--eating some scrumptious mosquitoes and other such fare. I'm glad you've kept your great sense of humor in spite of being so sick. Get a little bit of sun yourself if you can stand it.

Mandy said...

Julie, I think your tire containers are neat. For Mother's Day, my husband is going to help me work on a wall of sorts for all my succulents. In my mind, it looks great, so hopefully it will come out as nice! I hope you feel better soon!

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Yay for looking after lizards!