Friday, May 28, 2010

Succulent rearranging done! YEAH!

Went out this morning to rearrange the screenroom to make more room for people when barbequing. My succulents used to run lengthwise around the edge of the room, but with the kids here, I felt I needed to open up more space and consolidate the plants somewhat. The sun seems to fall in on them quite nicely even this way for a few hours in the morning...that is about all they can handle anyway! There are a few (like the two Claude sent me) that are gonna get moved to the tires in full soon as I can. I promise, Claude!!! Really...I do.

Ms. Beary is a wooden thing I bought about 5 years ago for outside. I went through a BEAR phase. I still love them. The kids love to color her with chalk, so brought her in so they can be in there playing where I can keep an eye on them. At least for now. Pretty soon, it will be too hot for any living creature to be in there. At least the succulents are happy in there! Thank God. What else would I do with all these temperamental bitches! :0

The bottom shelves are just where I place dead ones or empty pots to re-use. It looks kinda messy and I am thinking of making a very lightweight sheet-weight sort of straight cover to wrap around in festive colors and attaching with velcro to cover. I will be having this project on my mind and see what I can come up with!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone!
xoxo- Julie


Darla said...

I think it looks just fine...

Pokeberry Mary said...

My you've got it bad!
LOL.. I just got my back porch all redone and immediately began toting plants to it. At the moment it holds about 80 of Hubby's jolokias temporarily. I've also added about 8 plants myself. You won't believe this though--I was so wiped out after that wedding I actually allowed some succulent babies to go in the compost bin--just to be 'done' with something. I suppose its too late to go 'bin diving'.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Have fun with your bar b q. Your plants look quite happy.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Julie, Blogger lost my comment!!!!! I think your screenroom succulent set-up is GREAT.... Isn't it amazing how lives change when you have babies in the house again????

Have a great weekend.

Janine said...

Hi !
You have beautiful plants and your arrangement is perfect
Thanks for your nice message
I also put you in my links
Have a good week-end with a lot of flowers (Mother's day)

messyfish said...

That's lots of succulents. Can I borrow one for my cactus monday? Nice neat arrangement too. Almost like botanical specimen quality.

Anonymous said...

Sweet set up. I love those Tillandsias in the bottom right...and how they get super colorful before they flower. Matti