Thursday, May 20, 2010

Larva... cute or nasty???

This is what I do when I am upset...draw bugs and what really helps me feel better is to draw the ugliest (and yet maybe the cutest, says my daughter) LARVA (plus one worm) in the world! I found these in the full color photo section of the Natural Insect and Disease Control book my SIL gave me, and except for the gross sliminess that you can't see here, I used Sharpie, and my watercolor pencils, and a few other misc. things laying around here to make them. I think I will paint them with clear shiny fingernail polish now so they can look true to themselves!!! Nasty!
Oh well...I feel slightly better now. Tomorrow should look brighter! Just a few worries up my sleeve. Gotta stop worrying and take action. I will. For sure. You know, it really bothers me that the Wireworm has no eye...I should dot one in there...might make me feel even better!!! :)


Claude said...

Yeah... sometimes life can get you a little down, can't it?

Still, like Grandma always said... "This too shall pass..."

The larvae are cool... they remind me that everything grows and transforms... maybe that's why you wanted to draw them since you're feeling a little bit iffy...

Cindy said...

Oh dear. I feel bad that you consider these critters so ugly that by drawing them, it helps to lift your spirits. I must say a couple things on behalf of these larvae, (pests though they may be).

First of all, none of them are actually slimy, as in exuding slime. Slugs are slimy. These aren't.

Second, the wireworm is also a larva. It will become a click beetle some day. They do have eyes, and mouths and 6 little legs, up near the head end.

But I will agree, they are all kind of gross in real life, especially when you see them in the context of the damage they do in the garden. And they do appear much cuter in your drawing.

Julie said... are quick! I had just posted this!!! :)

I figured that ol Wireworm had eyes, just none showed in the photo I was looking at in the book.

It sure doesn't look like most larva! I just know larva look slick and juicy...which translates to SLIMY in my book...but I know what you mean about not exuding anything slimy.

Glad you thought these bugs look cuter than in real life though!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Life can be like a can of worms sometimes. The only thing you can really control is the drawing you have in front of you. Cute bugs. It is that time of year when they are out and about.

soulbrush said...

got my e mail, so please write to me for a 'chat' anytime, i am here.

soulbrush said...

well i think they are adorable, and in any case 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. i think i know how you are feeling, and i know that sometimes one just has to stay in that place till things look cheerier and until one knows what to do next. so feel safe and give yourself time to think. love ya julie xxx

Judi said...

Hi Julie
Oh I hope your worries go away and don't upset you any further or the reason of the worries disappears...I like your caterpillars but yes they do need a dot of an eye. You are just so artistic Julie.

I hope all is well...I've missed you but although I may not have time to blog for a bit I hope I can at least do some visiting.

This is our long weekend...Memorial Day.
I'm going to the cottage in NY state. Marc and I are off to a has been in the 80s just gorgeous but..some rain tomorrow.

I hope your weather has been good too.
Enjoy the weekend...feel good.

Diane AZ said...

You've made your bugs look so cute, especially the hornworm. The wireworm makes me hungry for gummy worms. Have a great weekend. :)

Teri C said...

Great job on these uglies!! Nail polish for shine, now that is an interesting thought.

Julie said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments everybody!!! This was fun to do and eased my anxieties at the time too! All is well. I just have my moments of extreme worries lately and then they sort of pass, thank God!

Arasu said...

Great sketch Julie! They don't seem ugly to me , they look very cute in your picture!

Cynthia DiBlasi said...

Awww, I hope things get better soon! Although, I love to look at your drawings regardless if they're gross. I think you make them look interesting! Give that wireworm an eye, just cause!!! Sending lots of love and sunshine your way. :)