Saturday, May 22, 2010

A new mug and a few new eggplants!

I found this really neat ceramic mug at a Kitty Cat Thrift the other day...for ONE DOLLAR! The owl is recessed back into the "wood" of the tree. My daughter and I both love owls, so I bought it for her. If not to drink from, to store pens, pencils. On the bottom of the mug, it says "Handpainted by Otagiri". I Googled the name and found it was the name of a Japanese Manufacturing company, and I found many peices from mugs, vases, piggy banks,teapots, etc. done by them. Not particularly expensive, but none online can match my 1 dollar price tag! This guy just makes me happy! Right now he is sitting in the kitchen window just following his deep dishwasher cleansing!
I went out in the dark (first chance I had today) to take pics of my new little eggplants! They are just to cute! I hate for them to grow up! Does anyone know if I should place something between the ground and the eggplant to prevent any damages to it by letting it set in the dirt. The plant is kinda short still, and this largest eggplant is really low to the ground! What would you do? I keep thinking maybe a peice of fabric???????

Above is my largest one! (About 4 inches long).

Here are all three on one plant. My other plant has one small eggplant as well, and both have a ton more flowers! I fertilized with Miracle Gro water soluable...everything...the black-eyed peas, eggplants and Bush Tomatos, which just look devine, BTW!!!
Have a happy Sunday! My grandson is spending the night tonight and I see he has fallen asleep. He just suddenly drifts off like that. So tired after a busy, and active why am I not tired yet??? Hmmmmm.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Julie, WOW---what an incredible mug.... You did GREAT ---and only for $1???? Unbelievable!

I know nothing about eggplant --so I can't answer your questions. I'm sure that someone can though.

Have a great Sunday.

Claude said...

The best thing to put around the bottom of the egg-plant would be straw... althought dead leaves, or mulch would work too. Some people recommend lawn clippings. All these have the advantage of keeping the roots cool and moist, and slowly decomposing into the soil to enrich it.

Otagiri is one of those companies that may become collectable in the near future, but they're still not 'vintage' enough to start attracting too much attention. They were also mass producing through the 70's... (which is the date I'd put on your cup) most of it being stuff that was sold through florists or gift shops, and most of it's not really rare enough yet. Although, some of the 70's mushroom stuff had a minor flare-up in the collectable market a few years ago.

marianne said...

Oh what a nice mug! Wait till Lisa sees this.....
How cool you grow your own veggies.
Enjoy the weekend with your grandson!

madge said...

Love that mug! Especially that price tag! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your new mug is a hoot. A good find. Your egg plants look good. I have never grown them. I rarely eat them. They weren't something my family ate. I usually have them when I eat with a friend that cooks them. They are good. Have fun with your Grandson.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Those eggplants look great Julie. They are a beautiful veggie. That mug is a great find. It is too adorable. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Marthann's Musings said...

I love those little bitty eggplants So cute

Snippety Gibbet said...

I've never seen eggplants growing before. I am kind of surprised they look like teeny weeny eggplants. It never occurred to me that they were every teeny weeny, I guess. jan