Monday, May 31, 2010

An award, and 10 new things about myself!

I recieved an award today from my blog pal, Martha at Marthanns Musings! I am so happy to have been chosen by her...a wonderful artist, and retired art teacher! She inspires me because she is working (after retiring) at Petsmart, and learned to do dog training! She seems to be someone who is just so pleased to learn something new and to be of service to people. She hasn't heard this yet, but I am considering working at Petsmart (We have a brand new one opening right near my house)...after 30 years as an RN. How's that for a change? I just have given her choice in doing something like this a lot of thought, and I like it! I am only 53 and have a few years yet to give! My biggest problem would be if they would want me to handle either reptiles of any sort, or RATS!!!!! So, I might have to make that clear before I could work there!!! LOL!

Anyway...back to the award...

I am going to ask any of my regular readers to please help themselves to the award because I think you are all just the best and that is why I follow you and want to read your stuff. So please take the award and know that it comes to you from my heart!!!

I am supposed to list 10 things about myself. I have done this before, and I'm sure I cannot remember what I have told you before, but will try and come up with something new and fun. Please do a list on your blogs too and let me know if you do, so I can come and read! It's always fun!

1. According to my husband, when I asked him for some ideas, he said "Your hair is strange"!!! Ha ha ha...I asked him what was it about my hair and he indicated that it was wild. It does have frizz...I used to have curly hair, and since it has started going gray it is straighter, but dry and frizzy! LOL. I suppose, I must look a sight!!! I wear a headband to keep it down some, and add conditioners, etc. to moisurize and decrease the frizz, but it just stays that way down here in hot, humid south Florida!!!

2. I, too (like Martha) used to do a lot of crossstitch, and gave every single thing I made away except my victorian Welcome sign.

3. My favorite job of all times was when I was 16 and actually landed a job as a maid (term used back then) at a Holiday Inn. That was a job where I worked independantly, and enjoyed TV as I went. I liked the feeling of making something messy all straight again, and loved whenever a tip came my way. That was big doings at 16!

4. I attended a private Christian college after high school, but flunked out of the Bible classes!!! LOLOL! Well, secretly that wasn't all I flunked out of, but don't tell my Mom! I did have a good time partying there with all the boys who came from Christian homes and had preachers for daddies!!!

5. I feel I have always keep extra weight on me because I have never liked having attentions from men. True.

6. I cheated when I was a young girl taking swimming lessons at the Country order to pass my final swimming test, I had to swim the length of the pool without touching bottom, and I did touch bottom just once, but no one knew and I wasn't tellin! That is a big secret I have kept for more that 40 years! LOL.

7. Are you sleeping yet??? These are pretty lame!'s one for you...I like to eat whole round brussel sprouts, tiny round beets in a jar, green peas, lentils, or fresh grape tomatos right out of the fridge (I am talking about just eating one of these things for a meal or snack, by itself!!! YUM!

8. Nothing gives me more happiness (other than my family) than being in nature and observing, smelling, touching.

9. I enjoy making art, but am lacking in time at this point in my will do something here and again, but think maybe in another 10 years I will be able to take a watercolor class, etc., and generally devote more time to art. It is so important to me.

10. As soon as I can, I am going to try making gelatin prints! If you wonder what in the heck it a search on You Tube and you will be able to see how it is done. It seriously looks like it would be so fun to try!!! I know anyone who reads my blog would enjoy trying it. If you do, I would love to see it!!!



Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Julie, Congrats on getting the award. I don't 'do' awards anymore --but I do enjoy reading your 10 things.... That is hilarious about your weight. I've had extra weight on me all of my life---and would give anything to be skinny!!!!!

I like Brussel sprouts with a meal --but never by themselves.

How do you wear your hair? If it's long--why don't you get it cut, layered and styled??? Maybe hubby would like it then....

Have a great day tomorrow.

Julie said...

Hi Betsy! My hair is chin length, and layered, with a headband. My husband likes it to be shaved up the back with my neck showing. I kept it that way for ever, until the last year, and he is silly. I'm making him suffer a bit now. I don't want it too short anymore!!! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I too thinkit is fun to read things people tell about themselves. I can never think of 10 things to tell about myself.

donna said...

Julie, what a delightful person you are. I can just tell by reading your Ten Things. You make me laugh and that's so, so important.

My hair has been short for what seems like forever (since the early 90's). At least one more time in my life, I'd like to grow it out some and I wouldn't care if anyone else in the world like it or not.


Judi said...

Hi Julie
First love your header.
Second loved learning more about you...cheating at swimming lessons..*lol*. Loving round things thats interesting Julie but does sound yummy. Very interesting.

You are so talented with your artistic drawings you'll have to try the gelatin art and let us know what thats about.

Thank you for the award and YOU deserve it.

Further to your comment on the American flag being in my window box at the cottage...actually because that cottage is in New York state at Marc's (because he is American) it is more like we put the Canadian flag there..*s*.. And they do look sweet together...

have a lovely day

Mandy said...

Good Morning, Julie...

I made a quick detour to your work and really need to get back to it, but I'm glad I got sidetracked. Way to go on the award...that's awesome! I love your question/answers and might try that tonight.

Have a great day!

Arasu said...

It's interesting and fun to read. I appreciate your interest in art. Hope you have enough time to fulfill your desires in the future!

Bobbie Lynn said...

Congratulations on your award and I agree that you have a beautiful blog and thank you for sharing the things you love to do and your beautiful family.

Thank you for stopping by mine and leaving such a nice comment. Hope you had a great time with your Grandchildren today. They are blessed to have you a Grandma like you. : )

have a nice evening.

Snippety Gibbet said...

That was fun to read. Don't you adore brussels sprouts? I never had them until about 6 months ago. I roast them in the oven. I could just eat them like candy!!!!!! jan

Laure Ferlita said...

So fun to "know" more about you and your world!! Thanks for sharing!

I just finished doing this award, so I'll take a pass.

Anonymous said...

Interesting 10 - thanks for sharing. I'm new to your blog - so just wanted to say hello! ;-)