Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My husband and the kids, tomatos and a papaya question!!!!

My husband with the pets! Look at that cute Doozey tucked into what we call the "Maximum Security Position"!!! This is where she likes to go during rain or storms! Baby, the cat, likes to take his heavy self (you may know how heavy a cat feels when the weight of his feet are on you) right up on your chest.

Today was rainy and the garden plants got a lot of water! Yeah!!!

Have you all seen these little tiny tomato plants that make a ton of little cherry tomatoes...that you can grow in a windowsill, cause the plants are so small??? They have some at my Lowes right now, and I think I must go back and buy one! I just ate a half package of grape tomatos for my midnight snack! YUM! It would be nice to grow my own midnight snacks!!! LOL.

Now, here is my Mom's second papaya off her trees! This was, I believe, her first time growing them, and she planted them from seed, which is impressive. She has, I want to say, 5 trees! Three of them are covered with blooms and early fruits. The first fruit she took off, was chilled and cut....and tasted like (and I'm not kidding)...tasted like butternut squash!!! This is so strange! For a minute, we wondered if it really was a papaya tree!!! LOLOL. Now, I know it must be something in the soil that makes it taste like this, but my question is...what can we do to the soil at this point to make the fruit actually taste like Papaya??? Any ideas???
Thanks in advance!!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hubby and your pets look so comfy.... Love that picture...

We love cherry tomatoes--at least my hubby does. I'm not much on tomatoes --except those delicious Summer home-grown tomatoes. LOVE them!!!!

I have no idea about Papayas.... Hope you find out.

marianne said...

Oh Julie What a precious picture of your husband with the pets! And so funny. The cat indeed looks ....compact. I had one like that too, he was not fat just compact and he really weighted a lot.
How wonderful you can grow papayas there! They are very healthy. I always eat them in the tropics.Congrats on your awards and always nice to read new facts about you. I once saw a picture of you on your blog and I love your hair Julie!
Looked up the gelatin prints and can't wait to see what you will make. Cool!!!!

Good to be back.............

Have a nice day!

Serena said...

What a sweet pic of your hubby with the fur-kids. Had to giggle at the 'maximum security position'. lol

We've had rain here also.

Can't help you with the papaya in Australia, we call them pawpaws.

Claude said...

I know only too well how heavy a cat is on your chest... ugh...

Don't know a dang thing about papayas. I do know that those little tomato plants aren't too dependable. they tend to be extremely short lived. You'd be better off growing one of the standard grape or cherry tomatoes outside... they produce rather heavily.

Darla said...

Cute DH photo....Our cherry tomato plant is as large as the regular tomato plants...picked some last night, yummy! Can't help with the papaya at all...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Maybe it is the variety she chose to grow instead of the soil. Or maybe they were left on the tree too long.?? I have no idea. This is one of those tropical things. Doosey looks so cute in her safe place. Luna would do that during a storm too if she could. Instead she hides in the bathroom that has no windows.

Bobbie Lynn said...

I have never had Papaya and I'm not sure why. I may have to buy one and try it out. The fruit is interesting.Sorry no help here : (

Love the photo with your Hubby and pets. Life is good. Have a great day Julie and keep enjoying your tomatoes.
Bobbie Lynn

Julie said...

Marianne- Welcome back home!!!!! Thanks for stopping by so soon after returning...gosh, you need some rest!!! :)

Serena- what a cute name...Pawpaw!!! My grandkids in Louisiana call their grandpa "Paa-Paw" (phoenetically)

Lisa- she ate the original papaya she had bought at the grocery store and it tasted perfect...isn't this the biggest mystery??? I am going to pose the question at Dave's Garden also.

Darla and Claude- I guess I will plant the regular size cherry tomato...but probably have to wait now until October to do so due to the heat here, sadly! Too bad those little teeny plants for the windowsill don't last long...thanks for telling me this, Claude!!!

Betsy- my fav is the grape sized tomato. Perfect round snack at night!!! LOLOL!

Teri C said...

I love that shot of hubby and 'kids'.
You always have such interesting gardening observations and questions.

Lynn said...

Henry was very happy to see his look alike here today!

Re the paypayas...could it be that she just is not watering or fertilizing correctly? I speak as if I know something, I do not.
Perhaps she needs to stick a circle of ripe papayas of the taste she likes around the trunk of the tree to give it a hint of what she expects from those on the tree. Maybe do this next season before the new ones bud out. Papayas teaching their own so to speak.
LOL sorry got a bit carried away here.
Also, look to see if any butternut squash are planted in the near vaciity of this tree. There may be some cross pollination going on.
Who knows, it sounds good to me!?

Diane AZ said...

The pets sure do love your husband! Our cat is not a lap kitty but he will sit right next to us like Doozey does. That papaya looks huge! I like to grow cherry tomatoes mostly because they're pretty. :)

Julie said...

Lynn- good ideas!!! I can't be sure there are no butternut squash planted in the neighborhood, but it is the wrong time of year here...because of heat.

I like the idea to plant papayas around the base to teach the plant what we expect!!! LOLOL! Thanks for the interesting tips!