Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My day!

First I went out to view my eggplants...lookin good. I did have to remove one little one yesterday, due to something boring into it. All the rest have no problems so far!

Here are some little rag-tag moss roses that I found growing all over in my I had pulled them all up and relocated them to a patch of dirt in the garden, and during the day they are opening up these sweet flowers now! They are growing right in front of my new gnome! Looks like he is standing in a beautiful grassy meadow!!!

A few zinnia shots (my fav flowers right now, as you know! These are in my tire gardens, but Donovans pot is still going strong!!!

I got in a mood for cold, juicy fruits today, so ran over to a close outdoor market and bought strawberries, watermelon, mango and some gorgeous yellow squash for tomorrow....the grands and daughter and I ate fruit in the afternoon after playing at a beach park for a few was so good!!!

And now it is 11:30pm here, and I am laying here wide awake with Doozey under my arm all snuggly...and I just ate this oatmeal pancake made from scratch and slathered with butter and syrup! My goodness...sinful. I am wondering when sleep will come...but probably good to sit up a few hours now, eh??? LOL. I am such a late night person...I am looking for a job and watching RFD channel...(Rural Free Delivery...a country living channel...farming and such).


Cindy said...

Pancakes usually put me to sleep. If I eat them for breakfast, I'm ready for a nap before lunch!

I only got a couple hours of sleep last night and I should be tired by now, but I'm not for some reason. I'll probably make up for it tomorrow.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Those eggplants are looking great. The little zinnia are so pretty. Just love their bright and cheerful colors. Those pancakes looks soooo good. yum. : )
have a great day and it's almost the weekend.

Pokeberry Mary said...

We just had eggplant the other day... coincidence. I didn't grow it this year because I found we don't like it 'that' much and it never stopped making more. ;) I do like moss roses though! I used them in Daughter's wedding. I found that in spring they will root very easily so the bits and pieces I broke when doing her florals are all growing in different places here. Bonus! Pancakes look soooo good!

Teri C said...

I love when you show us your garden, everything looks so great! And the pancake...YUM!

Diane AZ said...

Your eggplants and flowers look great and the fruit and pancakes...YUM! Wow, you are a night person and I am the opposite. I wake up hours before sunrise without trying. :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Julie, I worry about you not sleeping. Have you always had this problem? I am miserable when I don't sleep at nights... Hope you can straighten out the problem soon.

Your Eggplant really looks good... AND so does your Zinnias.... Beautiful!!

Judi said...

You don't think all that sweet yummy syrup is whats keeping you up? or rather what kept you up? That looked yummy..
Good luck in looking for a job as well.
I can't believe how big your eggplants are. That just goes to show how nice it is living in a warmer climate. Ours have barely been planted around here and it'll be another couple of months....enjoy.

Do you have a bread machine? Its easy to make the pulla there and I could send you the recipe I use to make pulla in the machine. Let me know otherwise I will type out for you the other one I use.

have a great evening

messyfish said...

you are killing me with that pancake. You put oatmeal in it!? good idea. I might just try it!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Oh man, that looks decadent! I have to turn my eyes away. I'm getting blinded by the yummy goodness. jj

Pudgeduck said...

wee, you did it! That pancake looked sooooo good! I found a mix today from Kodiak Cakes- all 100% whole grains-no added sugar and WOW! Thanks a lot Julie!!!!LOL