Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday morning garden work and yard walk

Good Saturday morning everyone (or whenever you view this)! This morning I went out because I had soaked okra seeds to get in the ground. They were sprouting! I planted about 12 of them. They love heat and sun, so they should do very well. Below is a pic of some of the pink-eyued pea blooms...they are just so darn cute!

And marigolds in the peas.

A few shots of the succulents in the tires!

And lookie what I found this morning (only cause I haven't looked in the past week or so)...GLORIOSA LILIES coming up!!! My husband had sprayed some around this area with Round Up (I KNOW)...and I thought he had killed the gloriosas altogether, since my Mom's garden is chock full of them...but here they are...back again! Maybe they are really hard to kill. Yeah!!! I am so happy, because as you know they are a cheery orange and yellow and they make me extremely happy!!! It is almost worth the torture of summer to have them! Almost, I said...

Mr plastic pelican peeking out from his permanent home amidst the Oyster Plants! Are they not just so cool with the purple and green bad selves! I just adore them. Most people, as I have said before, around here regard them as weeds, but not me...I find them growing in other areas of the yard and move thmem in here for a gorgeous bed. I love to find huge beds of them...they are so striking!!! The best part is that they stay pretty year round, basically in sand!

Now, just in case the heat completely knocks out my tomato plants, I just wanted to show you the 4 fruits I have right now. I pray these will at least ripen so I can say I got something out of this whole darn experiment.

Here is a variegated jasmine on the fence and it is developing a few all white areas of leaves...I love, so sweet!

Morning glories are all over the jasmine fence...

Here is a long shot of the vegie darden, sux tires and then beyond that are my flower filled tires! I love this view cause it makes me feel like a gardener! LOLOL! Such a small little plot, and not all that much work really...just a little here and there, but such fun! I would encourage anyone to start a small plot and just go for it.

Thought I would show you my butt-ugly wild Sansevieria hyacinthoides (????) fields! LOL. They are just scraggly looking, but have started looking some better. I often think of trying to relocate them and make a bed of them, and I think it may be something to conquer in the fall when it gets cooler. I think I would like that.

A shot of my beautiful, full, lush and totally stunning (to me) huge ferns in my front planter along front of house! All transplants from the back yard one day many years ago...and they need NOTHING...they just stay purdy year round with rain and no fertilizer at all. Perfection on a stick!!! :)

3 shots of this really sweet red and white hangs downward and it so delicate. I have no idea of it's name, sadly. It surely needs to be trimmed again...maybe this evening when it cools down I can force myself to do it. I need someone with a big whip to get me out there!!! LOL.

And last but not least, the Vincas are getting ready for the 4th! I have two of these pinwheels, and sometimes I look over and see them both spinning full force. A very happy garden and gardener!

Any of you with aches and pains, illness, or just feeling kinda low, I pray my garden pics have perked you up a bit, and you will have the best weekend EVER!
xoxo- Julie


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love seeing the 'fruits of your labor" Julie... Your flowers/plants/veggies, etc. are all gorgeous... I love Vinca --and they enjoy the hot sunshine.

And I love ferns --but they don't do well here year 'round... I had a potted one one year --and planted it in the ground. The cold winter killed it... BUT--I do love them.

Marigolds were probably the first flowers I planted -from seeds, when I was young and first married.

Love all of your succulents.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Thank you for that blessing. Your garden is quite beautiful. No weeds in the veggies. Wow. I am proud of you. I am always amazed that you have what I grow as a house plant in your garden. I hope you are having a great weekend too.

Claude said...

12 Okra? lord, that's way too many! LOL... But they do thrive in the heat. And they're kinda pretty too... they should fit right in to your garden, which is very nice... I do hope you get a few tomatoes from all your effort... If you're having probs getting the blooms to set good, try giving them a quick spray right as the sun sets... both tomato and pepper will set fruit better if they get a temperature drop at night.

Mandy said...

Thanks for sharing, you've got a beautiful garden! And yes, you perked up my Saturday evening! I saw that you have a chandelier plant too...don't you just love it! It's one of my favorites, oddly though, last year I had tons of babies at the botttom of this pot and not so many this year...not worries, I just knocked some of the planlets off to help them along!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Mandy

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

You are a happy gardner! Everything looks so wonderful! I love your tires and am happy to see that you use those pretty marbles in your planters. I think they look really great and really sparkle.

And I love fresh tomatoes. Yours are looking wonderful and full of fruit. My Dad is growing them also and I can't wait for the 1st harvest.

Have a great weekend!

soulbrush said...

aaaw j, i so enjoyed the walk through your garden this morning - sunday- and love the colour of your blog now, your succulents are always so healthy looking.hugs to you always

Evelyn said...

Wow, your garden sure is looking GREAT. Cute vegies and lovely sux. Love them! Gorgeous flowers.

Marthann's Musings said...

Oh my goodness, I would love to see your garden in real life. You reallly do have a "Green Thumb" Love the pictures. said...

Oh Julie, I love it all! You are a master gardener, you've got tires full (literally!) of healthy gorgeous succulents, you grow vegetables and you've got flowers and ferns galore! My grandmother has wild ferns growing everywhere in her yard, but I really like the way yours look so orderly and tall, it must look very nice from the street. Also, the "butt-ugly" plants are awesome, but try gathering them all and planting them in a planter? My mom has one and it's got this funky pre-historic plant vibe to it. I should take a picture and post it. Anyway, great job with your garden, I love all the pictures.