Friday, June 18, 2010

A succulent (plant) Fathers Day gift idea!

Today, I came to the full realization that I have an affinity to short, bendy, elbowy PVC and rubber thingies at Home Depot.

I found this cool looking gadget in plumbing...and knew it needed a plant inside of it for Father's Day!

I cut some screen (fully intending to make it a succulent planting)...and attached it to the smaller end with glue that will work (not water soluable, OK)???.

Was all ready to put in a coffee filter and fill it with soil, but then my friend suggested an air plant so that my husband would not have to really water it at know, like maybe one of the ladies in his office (sorry guys), might come by and notice it needed spritzing every month or so!!!

So all I did was stick the darn air plant in there, and it holds itself upright. couldn't get any easier than that, and I didn't even need to put the screen on the bottom since I didn't use any soil!!!

I find it so pretty and has enough of a masculine edge that a man would find it nice on his desk...what the heck, I like it too! This particular type of rubber thing came in several sizes, so you could do a grouping (maybe out on the work bench in the garage)???!!!

Seriously though, check out all those bendy, twisty and elbowy things at Home Depot. If you make a different type of thing, please tell me so I can come an see!!!
Happy Father's Day weekend to all you Dad's out there!!!


Darla said...

That is just way cool. I can so see that sitting on a construction super's desk in his job my husband!

faroutflora said... just don't hook it up to the power, or your Tillandsia will be juice. Matti

Bobbie Lynn said...

That is really neat. Happy Father's Day to your Husband. Have a great weekend.

Marthann's Musings said...

OHHHH Julie how fun. My dad was a big plant freak. Had his own little miniature green house in our yard.
He would have loved this. Alas, I lost him in August of 1992.

I still miss him terribly, we were kindred souls.

Lynn said...

This is the most clever most masculine planter I have ever seen! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope he loves and appreciates it...and the air plant...too much! So cool.

Snippety Gibbet said...

You are just too dog goned clever!!! jan

Mandy said...

What a cool idea for dads! Super creative too!!


Bobbie Lynn said...

Thank you Julie. You are so sweet. : )

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

What a cool idea! Really great idea for a planter for a guy. I hope you have a wonderful fathers day with your honey!

Claude said...

way cool...

and I wanted to mention that I recieved the gloriosa lilies... they're gonna be fantastic planted here and I'll do a post on them as soon as I can. Thanks!

Lancashire rose said...

What a hoot. I a heve a couple of air plants and never thought to spritz them. Mind you it is so humid I think they are doing without any spritzing. Happy father's day to everyone who is a father.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
Neat! Really neat! You have a great imagination and can see beyond the norm..*hugs*. I love that idea!!!
I hope your hubby has a happy Father's Day...enjoy the nice weekend.

Pudgeduck said...

How cute!! The air plants are a good idea. I had one 20 years ago!! Something else to try and find!lol! Just got them in yesterday.