Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Cactus Monday!!!!!!!!!

Yes...I finally made it here for CACTUS MONDAY!!!!! I will be having this auto-post on Sunday night, since I will have to work all day Monday. I finally forced myself to sit down today and do a little fun art! What inspired me was my near dead Christmas Cactus. I'm afraid it is just plain on it's last legs. It has been doing a slow death for a year already. I guess it will be time for some new ones this year. I can't even think about trying to root cuttings from these just saddens me too much!

So, I decided to make an artistic version of a happy, fun-loving new girl...and here she is:

She was made from hearts cut out of the Sunday clothes ads, mostly. There is one heart made from picture of chocolate cake up on the upper left! Everything cut from the Sunday ads though. I added a few dots to the ends of the "branches", and had a good time not only using the little hearts I cut, but also the pieces that I had cut them out of.

I hope you enjoy seeing my Cactus Monday contribution this week, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone elses as well after I get home from work (and after America's Got Talent, as well...if it's on)!!! Hello to Teri, over at Painted Daisies (our fearless leader) on the link to say hi to her and if you should wish to join us, tell her you want to join Cactus Monday, where any sort of cactus or succulent contribution is appreciated and loved!
xoxo- Julie


marianne said...

Lovely piece you made there!
Have to do a CM as well but later today.
Have been on camp and still trying to catch up with every body and every thing......

Love all those hearts♥

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Hey kiddo! Wow you know what you can still save that Xmas cactus. This is what you should do. First pop most of the leaves off. Leave only a couple down to the ground. Then put it in new dirt and waterrrrr. These do not like direct sun and need more water than the norm. I have one that is a cutting of my Mom's. She grew this plant over 25 years ago. It is very scarred up from abuse before I got it but it is starting to recover. HCM pumpkin!

ericat said...

Hi Julie always nice to see you and your blog. It is amazing to see what your artistic talent do with a few pieces of paper.
The xmas plant (xmas rose) is also one that suffer at my home. Mine was from my grandmother, my mother had it and I killed it ...sigh.
greetings from South Africa