Friday, June 3, 2011

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

I am sitting on the 6th floor of the courthouse overlooking the Intracoastal and Atlantic Ocean (here in the official capacity of DRIVER for a few folks). It is such a beautiful day here, with a gorgeous blue sky and puffy white clouds floating by. Somewhat breezy too...good for keeping the humid heat down, and the mosquitos blown away! The mosquitos are here in full force again for the summer.

I am excited that I can take the kids and grands on a little mini-trip for a few days...swimming in hotel pool, shopping, and visiting a really neat park that has been made for disabled and non-disabled children age 2-12 to play side by side.

I am so ready for a little trip!

A bunch of what sounds like case managers for child welfare has entered the room where I am sitting, and they are chatting about stuff...interesting, but sad. They are waiting for a big meeting to start. they go...they are getting up to leave...alone again...quiet at last. Hehehe.

I feel like a reporter giving a blow by blow of what I am seeing here. It is uncomfortable to be in a courthouse. The idea of lawsuits makes me uneasy. Seems there is always some evil element to them. Maybe. Not really sure...just a gut feeling.

Well...hope everyone has a nice weekend coming up!
Ever onward...and just remember...this is the only life we get...make it fun!


Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Court room are not my favorite place to go to. lawsuits, are horrible and I have seen a beloved family member go through one. Family vs Family. I hope all goes well.
You have a nice weekend too.

Snippety Gibbet said...

A trip with the grandkids sounds heavenly. I am hoping to get mine in August. jj