Sunday, June 26, 2011's finally Cactus Monday! (Late)

(NOTE: I though this posted Sunday night for Cactus Monday, but alas, today on Tuesday morning it is just getting posted...sorry)

Well, I thought I would update you on my happening world here! First, on Friday night I conked the 4th toe on my right foot onto a chair leg and it hurt like a --- of a -----!!!!! I curled over the chair and let out a scream I'm sure could be heard in California!!! LOL. It turned all black and blue and swelled up to where I figure I had broken it. I worked all weekend, and it is looking 75% better I think I will live now! :) You know, work is good for anything that ails you! I am convinced that it's true. If I don't have time to sit around and think about my problems, they disappear when I'm not looking!!! :)

I haven't been out to see my garden since my last post, and guess what? I still haven't gotten the dogs toenails cut!!! I promise myself it will be done by Tuesday (my next day off).

I wanted to share a super simple recipe with you all. The gal I work with (all of 28 years old) told me she is addicted to this! It is the crunchy French's Fried Onion baked chicken! I bought the can of onions today and we are going to use boneless, skinless chicken thighs (cause that is what we like). I think that will be part of Tuesdays dinner, for sure! The recipe is also on the French's Onion can!

Well, for Cactus Monday, I will show you some new pics of Rex, the Euphorbia in my screenroom! He rarely gets water, and still he keeps on growing...tall, wavy and handsome! I suppose that is all I can say for today! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
xoxo- Julie


Teri C said...

Funny how these plants survive so well on neglect. It is a beauty.
Gonna give that recipe a try. Sounds good.


Bobbie Lynn said...

Hi Julie,
Those Crown of Thorns is gorgeous. Regarding the Early Prolific Straightneck squash grows like a bush just like the Zucchinis. I forgot to take the basket off. It was put on to protect it from the cats in the neighborhood that make my garden their place to nap This is the first year we are going this type of squash and it is very tasty. A nice large container such as a half a wine barrel would do but I think the ground would be better. But, one can alway experiment. I have my tomatoes and pepper planted in containers to see if I can get the results of the ones planted in the ground (I'm running out of space) On the bush I see that one plant has a lot of squash. I will be starting to sow more. The seeds packet says 45 days you will be able to pick.
I hope you will give them a try.
Have a great day Julie

Cindy said...

I am already addicted to those fried onions. I could (and sometimes do) eat them right out of the package like they were chips.

NotSoAngryRedHead said...

Rex looks to be Euphorbia ammak, and the only reason I think that is because I have a variegated one that looks almost identical! They will grow VERY fast if given the right conditions. I think the owners of Spicewood Spines must have the right touch because there are always loads of 3'+ ones available. Of course, there's always the question of whether or not you want a 10' tall one. lol

I think French's Fried Onions are a pantry staple. They can be used in so many ways!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good to hear that all is well and good in your world, except for your toe of course. Your cactus looks great. It is getting TALL. Have a good week.

marianne said...

Happy Cactus Monday Late!
Nice cactus that Rex! How cute he has a name.
I am sorry about your toe, I think I would have thrown out a lot of bad words........
Hope it heals soon!

Have a wonderful day Julie♥