Sunday, March 30, 2008

The beginning of my Saturday!

I went outside to clean my car out, and I kept hearing this little splashing sound (and it was not raining). Finally I investigated, because I thought I might be going nuts...and here is what I found...a little lizard who had fallen into a pitcher I keep out on my front step to collect rain water in to water the plants by my front door. Poor guy!

Well, I "poured" him out onlo a new arrangement I had just made (the red pot), of some of my succulent plants...and guess what he did...he sat a good while and posed for my camera!!!

Then my Mom, my daughter and I went to a doll show (my daughter is a collector)...and look at one of the dolls suitcases! She had been to Death Valley, California! Boy, was I JEALOUS!!!

My Mom bought me this book which shows pages of toys for girls from out of Sears Catalog Wishbooks from 1950-1969! My main period of time for looking at the Wishbooks as a child would have been during the 60's. This is nothing but a trip down memory lane! I am amazed at the amount and variety of toys we had during that time! I found a few in there that we actually owned (my sister and I)! By the way...I did not get a real Barbie...I had to have the fake one...because REAL Barbies cost 3 dollars, and it was out of the budget for my parents at that time. I have since found out that this was true of many girls in my age range...Did you have a real Barbie??? I was fortunate enough to have recieved a real Barbie case, to store my doll and her clothes, shoes and hangers in! I was happy! My sister and I really played with our dolls! My Mom made many of our dolls clothes...and guess who owns them now? My daughter! How cool is that?


Teri C said...

That lizard is just adorable! Funny how they always find your plants to pose in :)

Mary T said...

Aww, he's a cute little wriggly guy. He looks like he belongs on the pots! So jealous of your string of pearls! I have some of the same succulents you got in your mail--not sure what all the names are either but I the library has a great book with colored photos that I used to ID mine before--just then I forgot the names again. ;)
I think the one that is cream and green is varigated jade. Mine have much larger leaves, maybe its the photo?

Donna said...

What a cute little guy. He looks really good standing there on your plants. I don't get lizard visitors anymore with apartment living and all, but I did get a very pleasant surprise this morning, a beautiful green hummingbird drinking from my Echeveria flower spike.