Friday, March 7, 2008

Red and White Anne

Well, I nearly dropped my teeth when I saw these Fittonia varieties at Target this evening! I HAD TO have them, since I have been searching quite some time for this for this one!

Fittonia, "Red Anne"

Fittonia, White Anne
I had to have her to go with my other Fittonias...especially the contrast of the dark green with the white lacy pretty!

Thanks to Green Thumb at India Garden for identifying this plant!! It is called Alocasia amazonica. It is about 50 cm in height. In culture it requires high air humidity and temperature above 18°C.
I also found this one at Target tonight...very pretty! My tag says it is good in SHADE, which I was happy about since these will all be indoors!!

And last but not least...a cute Lu sunning herself this morning before I ever left for work!


Green thumb said...

Dear Julie, so you are crazy for Fittonias...they are lovely plants indeed. Your unknown plant is Alocasia Amazonica.You can do a google search for this plant to get more info.
Happy Gardening

Julie said...

Green Thumb- Thanks for the I.D. I amended the post. I love this plant!!! Hope all is well for you on your side of the world! Many hugs-Julie

No Rain said...

Nice plants and cute dog. I used to try these as houseplants 30 years ago, but they always got too leggy, so I haven't bothered since. Your climate is probably perfect for them.
Aiyana said...

What kind of container do you recommend for the fittonia's?
I'm scratching my head about this one since I'm reading conflicting information. I plan on using it as indoor plant.

Any advice would be great.

Julie said...

Not So Crafty-
Well, anything with a hole in the bottom for drainage would be fine...but the coolest thing is that the ones I bought at Target are in small plastic pots that are inside of ceramic they drain well, and I don't have to have anything underneath to catch water!!! They are pretty too! I am so in love with my fittonias...they are so happy in hardly any light!!! I water them weekly on Sundays usually, and they are so perky !!!