Thursday, March 20, 2008

A little trip to Mom's!

After work today I decided to take a little drive over to my Mom's house to get a pot of clover from her garden (the weed section)!!! I thought you might like to see my BEEE-U-TEE-FUL flip flops that I purchased in my favorite place in the world (San Diego), last summer! Ain't they purdy???

I found Mom just standing around...

Talking to my brother, Captain Doug, who had just returned from taking some folks out on the high seas along the Palm Beach Coast! Ain't he a hunk??? He's so cute, even though he has always been a pain in the butt little brother!!! He grow'd up to be a great guy though! He's a keeper!!!

Here are some pics of the clover growing all around and in everything...note the last pic where you really see them in an open state, looking like big shamrocks!

After we sat around talking a while, we were admiring her freshly cut podocarpus hedge, and we decided to give it a few decorations...I found this one hibiscus flower on the ground, and stuck it in the hedge, and then we gathered a few more and stuck them in to make some "wall art".

All in all, it was a very beautiful day, the weather was cool and breezy...with wind out of the north, DRY, and threatening rain, but never actually doing it! If I closed my eyes I could actually feel like I might be standing in CALIFORNIA, especially in my very special flip-flops!


Teri C said...

What a cute post!! Love the feet shots (very creative) and the gorgeous flowers. That pink hibiscus is perfect in all that green!

Cindy said...

Nice tootsies. I used to live in flip flops (what we used to call thongs). Now I can no longer tolerate the little piece that goes between the toes. Come to think of it, I don't think I could tolerate where the little strip of string goes in those other kind of thongs, either!

Anonymous said...

Nice flowers, Nice Feet, Nice Folks!

No Rain said...

I'm beginning to think what I've always called clover is not actually clover. All the photos you show of clover don't even closely resemble the stuff I'm familiar with. I need to do some research to see what my "clover" actually is.