Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sewn ATC card!!!

This was something I decided to try after I had the sewing machine out to mend a few of my husbands shirts tonight. I took a blank card and sewed freely using a zig zag stitch and two different colors in the bobbin and the top thread. I had to increase the tension to 7 on my machine to get the thing to sew through index card thickness.
I was really experimenting and playing around. As I continued it sort of started to look like something sort of recognizable...then I decided to continue the whole sewing theme idea and I just glued snaps in for the flower centers. I noticed if the card is about 3 feet away from me, it looks really good...but close up you can see the childish nature of it, and pure silliness. I had a lot of fun seeing what would happen with sewing, but will probably never do it again, simply due to the fact that I hate machine sewing. If anything, I may try one by hand, and I would have so much more control, it might actually turn out to look like something nice!


Kelly said...

Wow! That's really cool! I've done a lot of sewing myself; made ragdolls, pillows, historical costuming...just about everything, but I haven't tried that yet! Now my plants sit where my sewing machine once sat! Hee-hee! I love working with buttons.

No Rain said...

Another cute ATC. I haven't really done much with the sewing machine, but have always liked the look. Some of the trades I have are sewn and are great. I still say you should join a Yahoo group and start trading!

Julie said...

Kelly- really CAN sew! I used to make my kids Halloween costumes, but mostly only do very small projects to no projects!!!

Aiyana- You crack me up! I don't think I could make enough with one theme to do a trade...I will have to find something I can do really well first!!!

Mary T said...

That's really cute--if it were much larger I'd hang it on my wall. I have a spot that needs something --but its a big spot.