Sunday, March 30, 2008

The second half of Saturday!

Well, when I got home from the doll show, and other various stops (used bookstore, and Goodwill) was about 3:40pm. Guess what I found on my front porch????? Something exciting!!! A box! A box from California! A box from California, from my friend, CINDY!!! A box of succulent cuttings from her yard! Oh nearly gave me heart failure!!! Anyway...I got it in the house, and in 20 minutes of time, I unpacked it, and suveyed it all, did not know what any of it was...tried to look something up in my Succulent no avail. I was rushing, because my friend Karen was picking me up to go to Boca Raton to a concert! Here are some photos of everything. If you click on it to make it big, and you recognize anything at all, feel free to I.D. it, I guess. Cindy is working on this as well...and I am too! What a fun challenge! Thanks a million, Cindy!!!

Inside the box, she had included this cute little green guy...a metal Mantis on a stick that can go in my planter! This made me shed a was so thoughtful of her to include something so amazingly special to her heart! I feel I will cherish it forever!!!

So here is the empty box once I was through discovering all my treasures inside! I cannot ever thank her enough for her generosity...THANKS CINDY!!!!!!!

Now off to the concert!


Cindy said...

Please tell me his antennas just don't show up in the photo and they didn't really fall off!

Green thumb said...

Dear Julie, its so thoughtful of your friend to send such nice succulent cuttings for you. Well about the IDs,I can see some Echeverias and sedums...but the exact species recognition can only be done by some expert like Aiyana.
Best Wishes

Kelly said...

Wow! I need to get to know this Cindy! LOL! Those are great cuttings. I can't wait until mine get big enough to make new plants of them. BTW...I had left two chocolate soldier leaves laying on top of a plant I have in my house, and I just noticed that they are sprouting new baby buds! Cool! I'll have to post pictures of it.

Xole Karman said...

In the first image, the big green one's an Aeonium (maybe arboreum), the guy beside him is a Crassula (probably arborescens 'blue bird'), and the pale grey one at the top could also be a Crassula (maybe falcata).

In the third image the variegated guy could be Crassula argentea variegata, the little aeonium sitting in the shot glass could be hawarthii variegata. The Echeveria could be any number of varieties!

In the fourth image, the pale bronze guy might be Sedum nussbaumeranum.

A great haul! Have fun potting them all!

Julie said...

Xole- Thanks for the info! Trying to peice it all accurately is a challenge...this will help!!!

Kelly-I want to see the chocolate soldier flowers, for sure!!!

Green Thumb- HI. Yes...Aiyana might know!!!

Cindy- I didn't want to tell you that I think his antenna DID fall off...I will attach some new ones with fishing line and some E6000 glue!!! I love that will glue and bond everything together! I just need to buy a new tube!

Teri C said...

What a wonderful friend Cindy is!! So thoughtful and obviously so fun. I am even excited knowing how fun it must have been opening all these special gifts.

No Rain said...

Lucky you! I've always loved to get cuttings and offshoots as gifts, and more than occasionally give them. I don't think others appreciate them as much as I do--sometimes the looks I get are, "What the heck is this!?"

Rosemarie said...

What a nice haul from your generous friend, Cindy! Cute Praying Mantis!

My take on your sux:

1. Crassula falcata, Aeonium (hard to say which-several look like this), Crassula arborescens (Silver Dollar plant).

2. Indiv. lvs. could be from a Graptoveria, Ledebouria socialis (Silver Squill), Possibly a Graptoveria or sm Pachyphytum oviferum, Sedum furfuraceum (looks like to me, anyway).

3. Crassula ovata 'Lemon 'n Lime' (maybe, if it holds yellow color well-if not, then C. ovata 'Tricolor'), Echeveria (was going to say derenbergii, but it doesn't look quite right-too thin), the variegated Aeonium looks like it comes from a crest form--I've seen listed as from 'Sunburst' & from decorum, but I don't agree :) ), Ledebouria socialis in glass, curly-Q thing looks familiar, but can't place it, maybe pc of Sedum burrito in glass, as well as Cotyledon maybe.

4. Graptopetalum paraguayense, still not sure on Echeveria, Crassula ovata 'Lemon 'n Lime' (maybe).

5. Same as before: larger leaves of Grapto-something, Ledebouria socialis, pc of Crassula ovata 'Tricolor', smaller leaves-not sure.

Fun stuff!

Julie said...


Serena said...

What a lovely gift from Cindy! That little Mantis is so darned cute!