Sunday, March 30, 2008


I went by Moms house Friday morning on my way to work, to deliver the Cooking section of Sundays paper, and look what she had moved right out in her front yard! It was amazing! A beautiful Amaryllis in full bloom! I had to have a picture! A friend once told me that God must have a sweet tooth, because of all the things he made that are so beautiful. At the time she was referring to a gemstone bracelet she was wearing. When she said it, she started to cry. I remember feeling such strong emotions over the powerful thought and feeling that came over her! For some reason (I suppose because this plant only flowers once a year), it brought back this memory of her, and how true it is...we have so many beautiful things in this world, and some of them surprise us every once in a while!

Then, later in the day, my friend Karen and I were having lunch at Red Lobster, and when I came out to my car...look what was parked right next to me! Ha...I had to have a pic for the blog! Hey...he's pretty cute himself, even though he looks like he has seen better days!!!!

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