Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bug I.D.

Thankyou, Cindy, for the I.D.! These look like Longlegged Flies. You can see them on Bug Guide...I submitted one picture to the guide and you can see it HERE. On reading about their behavior, the mating begins after the male "shows his legs" to the female!!! LOL. Sexy.
I need to do further research to see how, if any, this fly would bother my plants. I am wondering if these babies may have come in a bag of soil I bought??? The larvae could have been in there...or maybe they just came on their own, liking the smell of those black-eyed pea plants!!! Hee hee hee...
Thanks, Cindy!!!!!

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Bobbie Lynn said...

Interesting little guy. The photos are very cut of him below. The second photo is my favorite, he is looking right at you. Hope it is a bug that will eat tiny not so good bugs on your beans. Have a great day.