Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a little hello...

Just checking in to say hi and let you know I am still with this darn cold. Today I have an appt with my PA. Hopefully she can save me from this crap!

I've been reading everyones blogs.

I discovered (just this morning) a lovely succulent shop in Spicewood, Texas. It is called Spicewood Spines! Isn't that the sweetest name ever? They have a plant list that includes info, picture, and also they include a pic of the bloom (If available). It is a great resource. They have good prices, and a lot of unusual succulents that are often harder to find. I do note that they are also out of stock on a lot of these, but I am hoping they get new shipments in often. One good thing too, for folks who live in the Austin Tx area, they include a winter hardy list.

Check out my new find: Spicewood Spines.

Added note:
I am so happy for Sandra Bullock! She is my hero of the day!!! You go, girl!!!

4 comments: said...

Great little shop! Thanks for sharing... I long to have a shop of my own, an amalgamation of food, art and nature to incorporate all of the things I love! :)

Chris said...

So sorry you've got a cold. I had a miserable one a few weeks fun! Feel better soon!

hanks for being a great blog-friend and checking up on me while I was playing hookey!

I'm off to check out Spicewood Spines.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you get well soon Julie.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Take care and hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the info on Spicewood Spines and I need to check out what Ms. Bullock did.
Check back soon.