Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Thanks for all your comments on my new garden area. It was a really good day...a fun day...very enjoyable. This evening turned a litle stressful for me...pressure being put on me that I don't feel ready to accept. It makes for stress and strain...quite the opposite of how my day had been, when I was alone, relaxed and free. I went outside this evening by myself, to look at the stars and feel the cool breeze. Funny how life is always changing. I came in, sat down and just started to draw...I came up with this idea of a blue Iris plant, and thought of how you must be flexible throughout life, so as not to snap. I wrote the little poem to go with it:
Blow in the breeze
Do not snap...
You're better than that...

Update on the Schreiners Iris Catalog I had ordered.....they sent me a card that said Irises do not do well in my area, and they would not send a catalog due to that fact, unless I was buying the plants to use in another state! Isn't that so nice that they kept me from trying something that would not have worked out? I love them for it, and wanted to tell everyone how reputable they are! Thanks Schreiners...I sincerely appreciate your honesty and integrity!!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Julie---unfortunately that is LIFE... We get the good with the bad.... AND---it's all about the attitude we have at accepting and dealing with BOTH...

Hope tomorrow is a great day for you.

Bethany said...

Hey Julie,
I'm sorry no irises for you. But I LOVE your drawing and the little quote. PERFECT. The leaves are so alive and the blue just brilliant. Reminds me of the blue eyes grass I planted last year.
Sorry too you've got some strain.
I love your header, wow, fuzzy!
Thanks for your blog comments. You are always so sweet and take such care writing.
I have 4 bunnies right now. I volunteer for a rabbit rescue
so used to take the needy, sickly, unadoptable ones.
I knew Tulip was sick because she was sneezing and wiping her nose!
Thanks for asking.
Happy Thursday to you and D!

Claude said...

yep... stress can really mess you up... learn to bend with it rather than try to stand rigid... rigid things snap in half.

Of course, things that bend may eventually whip back...

Anyway... see if you can look into the wild varieties of iris that grow in your state... or maybe the Louisianna swamp iris... Schrieners, and most of the other nurseries are going to be dealing in the German or Dutch species, and these would require more winter than you'd get. Just a thought.

Pokeberry Mary said...

I LOVE your poem! Wish I was bendier, but I'm workin' on it. :)

Bobbie Lynn said...

Stress is a number one thing that can harm us so much. That is why i love to garden and do my hobbies. It puts me in a different world. Also, I am trying to make more to read my Bible.
Your drawing is pretty and the pome is fitting. Sorry to hear that you can not buy iris but maybe you can go back to the lady that had the Iris and ask for a plant when she thins them out. You only need a couple to get started.
Take care and enjoy your garden.
Bobbie Lynn

Darla said...

Deep breaths!! Nice of the company, sounds as if they might be 'real' gardeners.

donna said...

Julie, you garden, draw and write poetry....that's what I call talented. The older I get the bigger breeze I need to get me going again. I need to catch up on your previous posts.

Luv that fuzzy succulent in your header photo.


Together We Save said...

Wonderful poem!! I really need to work on the bending!

Teri C said...

I love your sketch Julie! It is beautiful.

Hope the stressful situation resolves itself without too much gray hair.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your poem is very introspective. Such a positive thought. Hang in there Julie. It will all work out.