Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good happy Wednesday!

Good morning! I woke up early craving, of all things, brussel sprouts for breakfast! I am having a bowl full right now! Strange. These early mornings are bringing me to do all sorts of odd things. Has anyone ever grown brussel sprouts? I am thinking I will get ready and plant some seeds in October and see what happens! They are so neat looking on the stalk...

I found a willing person to take some of my collards yesterday! My "bug man"! He liked them, so I gave him a huge container full. He came back by at the end of the day to pick them up. We have so many it is rediculous!

Yesterday I set up the crock pot with them, and put cut up creamer potatos and two large turkey thighs on top. Now that was a delicious dinner! The turkey thighs were so moist and rich tasting. I will definately do that again! Even my 20 year old daughter liked that dinner!

Tonight I am thinking of using up a pack of split peas I have in the pantry. I bought two ham hocks yesterday....I will put it all in the crock pot too. I am a crock pot addict. Nothing gives me more happiness than setting it up in the morning and going about my business and never worrying about dinner. I love this. I love one pot cooking anyway...but to be free from having to do literally anything else in the kitchen the rest of the day...I am a happy camper.

The geraniums in the pic belong to my cousin who lives 5 doors away from me. I love the red and pink in the pot together!

Well, the past few days I am watching my neighbor re-sod his lawn...he let it go during the drought and never watered and I think insects took over and he ended up with essentially NO lawn. He finally got a ticket from the city and had to do something. I am happy because I am looking at his house and it was not a pretty sight. Our code enforcer has been laying down the law lately and people are responding. Luckily I have not recieved a warning or ticket about anything. I did get out there and trim bushes and fertilize my whole yard, etc. because I was time to get rid of all these spring weeds! I did use weed and feed, so don't hate me. It was essential at this time. We had a ton of rain over the past two days too, right after I did it. Yeah!

I suppose I may drag my lazy tush out and dig up that garden space for the Cowpeas this morning while it is cooler. I want to get the Pole bean seeds in the dirt as well and get this summer growing show on the road! Mom is going to grow okra and tomatoes and my friend is going to grow a couple other vegies and we are starting our own little co-op. It should be fun. I am thinking about getting some onion sets too.

As soon as the collards finish, flowers will go into the tires I am currently using for them. I know a miniature rose garden is going in one, and then I need ideas for the other ones...they have to be able to withstand full south florida heat and sun all summer...maybe more vincas. I just planted vincas in my front garden just for that reason. I picked all white ones...I just love how they look.

OK...that is enough yammering for one morning! The brussel sprouts were so delicious!!! LOL. Have a fun day everyone!!!


yoon see said...

Brussel sprouts sure look fantastic!
Go go for it. I want to see more on this Julie:)

Arasu said...

I know nothing about brussel sprouts.
I even don't know about that plant too! Even though by your writings I can imagine a tasteful breakfast!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of that yammering, it must have been the brussel sprouts. ;) I have never grown them but my Mom used to. They are so delicious right out of the garden as are most veggies. I take advantage of the ole crock pot too. A wonderful invention. I hope you have a great day. Cheers.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Julie---I've heard of eating all kinds of weird things for breakfast but never brussel sprouts... I like them sometimes (have never grown them), but don't think I would EVER crave them for breakfast... Are you pregnant????? ha ha ha

I love crockpot dinners also. When I was working fulltime, I'd put something in the crockpot and it would smell so good when I got home... Chicken leg quarters are wonderful in the crockpot with some veggies.

I love collard greens and cornbread... YUM.... Sounds like you all will have a nice coop for all of the veggies this summer...

We have community restrictions here on yards and 'things' in the yard ---like too many old cars or a big camper, boat, etc.... Glad your neighbor is getting his yard fixed.

I love pole beans. They are my favorite green bean of all.... Send me some... Okay???? ha

Have a wonderful day --and enjoy those brussel sprouts...ha

Teri C said...

Okay, I love brussels also but it's a little early in the day to eat them :) But you have made me hungry.

Aerelonian said...

We grew brussel sprouts. We got quite the harvest and they were delicious. Much tastier than store bought!!

Bethany said...

love this post, brussel sprouts for breakfast! Isn't it great when you can have just what you crave, and added bonus when it's so healthy.
Maybe you can invent a BS flavored cereal!
your crock pot meals sound delicious.
The co-op sounds so fun.
I love your yammering!