Thursday, April 1, 2010

Next crops seeds, and more collards!

I went out this morning to cut some more collards! They just keep on keeping on!!! This bunch, which sure looks wonderful, is going be delivered to my hubbys office tomorrow. He has a few people who love them, so it has been fun to share! I cut them and they are soaking in cool water to keep crisp till then. Aren't they gorgeous???

I was at Home Depot today and found these purple Cow Peas. They look so pretty...I just had to have them. They are climbers. My other package of Pole Beans are a bush variety. Can't wait to get them set up as soon as my collards are done.

I am doing a feedback survey which was mentioned on my Home Depot reciept. I could win a 5,000 dollar gift card from. I already know what I would buy. My tire gardens would be used for flowers only, and I would buy 6 3x6 raised beds, wonderful soil to fill them, vegetable seeds or plants, and lawn and plant fertilizers (since they are so costly these days). I would become a bigtime organic vegetable farmer. I would be very grateful if I win, Home Depot!!!


yoon see said...

Hello Julie, I am so glad I can comment again here:)

Testing testing!

yoon see said...

Julie, you won the Mona Lisa print and Yoon see in Mona lisa's print.
i will send them out to you on Monday:)
Wait for the surprise yeah!

yoon see said...

Wow! Organic farming! Great great!
I have never seen purple pea before!
I hope you will win Julie, all the best!

Comment like crazy here..He..He..

messyfish said...

Oh yeah! Those collards are beautiful. I would buy the same too if I won! What a dream.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope you win.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Wow, look at those greens. Good luck with your Pole Beans. I grew them one year and had a great luck with them. So prepare yourself. They produce a lot. : ) I hope you win the Home Depot gift card. That would be sooooo cool.
Happy Friday and have a good weekend.

sukipoet said...

Julie, you left a comment on my maple sugar candy give-away. You were selected as a winner by the bunny. Send me your snail mail address and I'll send you the candy. Or if you dont want it let me know so I can chose another. sukipoet(at)gmail(dot)com

Green thumb said...

Yes, your collards are absolutely gorgeous and extremely healthy looking too.
I sure hope you win. Best of Luck!

Diane AZ said...

Wow, your garden is really producing well! I was also just dreaming of raised beds for growing veggies.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Julie, Pole Beans are my favorite beans... When yours comes in and you fix some, let me know and I'll come for dinner... ha ha (I wish!)

I have eaten Purple Hull Peas many times --but don't think I've heard of Purple Cow Peas... Wonder if it's the same thing with another name????

SO--you and hubby have been waterfalling in GA??? Glad you saw Anna Ruby... Did you see Minihaha or Amicalola?????? There are fabulous ones in the North GA mountains --and also in NC.

Hope you have a great weekend.

marianne said...

I keep my fingers crossed that you win!

Have a wonderful easter Weekend Julie!!