Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New garden bed!

OK...I dug out this garden space this morning, and fortified it with cow manure, miracle grow soil, and composted soil. I got all the Cowpeas in there (which are black-eyed peas, BTW), except some I left in the laundry basket...

...and in the 1 gallon black garden pot are the 32 extras I have to plant tomorrow. I plan to widen this garden by a foot on each long side, and get 16 more plants on each side in the morning...if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise!!! A nurse I used to work with would use this phrase a lot and I never forget it.

Here is the view from the other end of my succulent see the never ending production of collards...still going strong. Sometimes when I look at them, I just get a sick kinda feeling...I suppose it may be time to start freezing some. We are to that point, I believe. I'm actually glad it will be a few months before I start dealing with an overabundance of Black eyed, but overwhelming too! I have planted whole packages so that I can get enough to share, and now with starting our own co-op, I will give away 2/3's of my crop. I am excited about this first summer crop co-op with my Mom and friend. We will get a variety of vegies and things will be much more manageable and fun!

You can see that my grass is almost non-existent on the one end of my tires, which makes it a perfect place to dig up for gardening! Maybe this is what the master plan of the universe was to be! LOL!

I got my crock pot going as set up with Split Pea soup. I added onions, carrots, 2 ham hocks and seasonings. My house will be smelling devine this evening. I am writing this now on the college grounds where I am waiting for daughter to take a test and come right out. Luckily I can access the web on their wireless while I wait. I am parked in a wooded, shady area...and surrounded by my fav trees of all times...regal Pines!!! Life is good!
Love to all...Julie


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am impressed with your new garden area. What effort to dig that much up. Your plants look like strong soldiers in a row. You will be able to dry some of your black eyed peas too. They will be good this winter cooked up in that crock pot.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Congrats Julie on your garden bed. It looks great and happy gardening. : ) Can't wait to see them all grown.
Bobbie Lynn

Judi said...

Hi Julie
What a greeeeat day you had. YOu collards are doing beautifully...can they be frozen?..they would be so yummy.

Your black eyed peas garden is going to yield lots of yummy peas..

I wish I'd been over for your dinner at your place. I love pea soup..mmmmhmmmm..yum.

I hope your daughter's test went very well...hope your evening was just as lovely as the day sounded.


Aerelonian said...

Yeah, more room for plants! I love the extensive use of tires. It makes things a lot more interesting!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Julie, I love black-eyed peas (never heard them called Cowpeas) ---but don't eat them often. We always make Hoppin'John for New Years Day --which brings us GOOD luck all year!!!!

Glad you got your garden bed dug out, fortified and planted!!!!! Good for you!

Hope tomorrow is as good.

Bethany said...

wow, your collards ARE crazy!
this post made me smile.
that's a lot of cowpeas too.
Fun stuff.

Claude said...

looking good and productive...

here, I'd be mulching them like crazy too... everytime I mow the lawn I rake it up and use the clippings to suffocate the weeds and keep the water in.

Plus, when I dig it in next spring, I don't have to use all that manure and stuff... it's composted by then.

messyfish said...

I love your garden! I love your soup. I love that you are on wireless somewhere too! very cool. Wish I could have some of those collards. I want to try them someday.

donna said...

Julie, you are such an ambitious make me feel like a lazy slug.

Can't say that I have ever eaten collards, much less grown them. Looks like you have the magic touch with them.

Crock pot soup...sounds good. And sitting in the car on a pretty day with nothing to do but look at all the beauty around you, sounds good, too. If you had a few Oreos with you that would've been an added

Enjoy your day, blogger friend.