Thursday, July 22, 2010

Donovan's last zinnias and Stolen cuttings!

These are the last two zinnias that I believe can possibly come from Donovan's pot! These are on the tallest stem (about 4.5 ft. high)!!! The color is lovely! So soft and muted. I think they are my favorite of all. Worth waiting for!

Below is a pic of some coleus I stole today from a shopping center. These are very pretty, but I had seen some down the way farther, that were even frillier and with more color. It was so hot, I couldn't bring myself to walk back down to get them. We had the kids there, where the movie theater was, and neither of them could sit for the movie we went to. An American Girl movie about a gal named Kit, who was raised during the Great Depression. My Mom went along and she and my daughter got to watch the whole thing, while I wandered around outside with the kids! They said it was so nice, rated G...just a very sweet movie. I will rent it one day for myself!!!

Does anybody want to paint these???

Is tomorrow really already Friday??? My gosh time flies! Hey, I found out that I type 39 wpm with an online typing test! Better than I thought. I basically use the two finger method, and I have to look!!! LOL. Sad. I needed a 35 wpm to get the job, so yeah!!!

This is my hubbys last few days off for a vacation week, and we are looking at a lot of rain with this tropical depression off coast. We thought we would try and do an overnight trip somewhere with grandson, but now not sure...may be not worth it with all the rain. We shall see.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! xoxo- Julie


Darla said...

Nice zinnias....borrowed cuttings Julie.......

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Have a good weekend Julie. The coleus is pretty.