Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Financial dream journal" pages 2 and 3 done!

Well, I couldn't go to sleep until I stayed up to complete my new journal's page 2. The country page!!! It was fun...I painted the background page a sort of tan color, with two shades of orange circles all around...then added my magazine cut outs.

It features a lovely home, an antique clock, a sweet old boy horse, strawberries vining across the page, and best of all, some aloes in full bloom!!!
So fun and relaxing...a real "nobody cares how it turns out" kind of carefree attitude had by ME! Yeah! When I finally finished it around 12:30am, I knew my time was up, and I simply had to close my eyes for my 5am wake up call!!! :)

Tonight I did the adjoining page, which stated out to be a "city" page, but it sort of drifted. You see "Paradise" under the moon, stars, skies, and a sweeping tree, under the sun and clear skies, with love unfolding below.

Another fun time had by ME! I might be able to get to bed by 10:30pm tonight...all I have left is to clean up the kitchen, finish the laundry, lay out my clothes for tomorow, and hit the hay!
Sleep tight everyone! xoxo- Julie


Cindy said...

Wow, you're getting really good at these.

Anonymous said...

I just love all the things you come up with!

Sometimes I just like getting out the colors and a coloring book and just relaxing. Turn my mind off all the busy stuff and just color.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your pages are dreamy Julie. Well done. You have a great knack for doing these.

Amber Von Felts said...

What a cool idea! Is it to encourage saving or just dreaming...or both? I heart it!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

What a great project! I love your pages. I guess it is kind of like decoupage over paint, right? What a fun creative art project. Love it so far!

Diane AZ said...

Hi Julie, you sure are making good use of that financial book. I love the color schemes and layouts of your new pages, beautiful work!

Julie said...

Thanks for your sweet comments everyone!

Carla- I like to just do relaxing coloring too...I have an affinity to coloring books! I like the idea of using them for all sorts of art projects too!

Linda Cline said...

I like what you're doing with your collage work. You are give each page its own unique character.

Judi said...

Hi Julie
You have such fun with your pictures. They are soooo nice. Love your work. I hope you are getting yourself to bed early enough because you get up so early each morning!!

I am coming to Florida this week Julie to Miami - South Beach. Marc is there again for a few days for work as he usually is once a month and because I'm on vacation I am going as well. Monday through Thursday. I wish you lived closer....

Julie said...

JUdi- I wish it were closer too! I will send you an e-mail!!!

donna said...

Before I forget, I luv a woman who uses the word WOWZERS! lol

You are so talented and fun and make me feel like a lazy old slug, but that won't keep me from coming back here. I need to lighten up, the Coo Coo Kid makes me feel light-hearted. I have some kind of sad stuff going on with my parents, mostly my dad. Health things.

How do you get by on so little sleep?